iPhone WiFi Sync coming… Maybe [Updated]

, Mon, Apr 26, 2010

Wi-Fi SyncIf you look around you you will notice that a lot of people are using an iPhone. They may have one of the first ones, which was introduced in January 2007 or they may be holding out for the newer version, the I phone 4, but either way they are very common. The multimedia smartphone made by Apple caused excitement when it first came out and continues to do so today.

One of the reasons why the phone appears to be so popular is due the the apps which are available to use on it. Apple has what is known as an App store, which has literally hundred of thousands of apps for people. There really is something for everyone and they all have a wide range of functionalities. The following information will help you with your iTunes on your iPhone.

An often requested, missing feature from the iPhone is the ability to sync with iTunes over WiFi, instead of requiring a USB cable connection. Apple have inexplicably ignored these requests, but developer Greg Hughes is planning to step into the breach with a iPhone App and desktop programme combo that will provide over the air syncing.

As the video below shows, the App is simple to use, with the desktop and iPhone being paired on initial run.


Greg informed me via YouTube Comments that the App will support both Mac and Windows.

While the idea is great, and the desire for this functionality is certainly there, there are a number of stumbling blocks in the way as the developer has yet to run the gauntlet of the App Store approval process.

Greg says the App will be submitted to Apple by the end of week.  Historically Apple will not approve third party Apps that try to duplicate or replace iPhone core functions. However recent events, such as acceptance of the web browser Opera, a rival to Safari, may be the start of a more lenient attitude.

UPDATE: Greg, the developer, has informed us that the app will be put on sale for $5, subject to it passing through Apple’s approval process.

via Engadget

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