YouTube Videos outrank any other video content network

, Sat, Mar 19, 2011

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

Youtube has been the platform of choice for all sorts; internet celebrity hopefuls, aspiring pop stars, cute baby videos, mock videos and even brands! Justin Bieber is a classic example of how successful YouTube is in this. Another testament is borne by Rebecca Black, who managed to amass over 13 million views in under a week (Yes we know; not for all the good reasons!).
And how can we forget the amazingly cute baby laughing at the paper ripping; managing a mere 11.5 million views on Youtube since end of Jan.

As announced recently on Google Arabia Blog, YouTube has just launched a localized version in seven MENA countries; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen. With companies like Egypt based Melody Music Group already on board with Youtube, with their most recent video of artist Nancy Ajram amassing 13 million views!

According to a recent release by ComScore for US video content statistics, an amazing “170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in February 2011 for an average of 13.6 hours per viewers”. So the top video content networks for the US for February 2011 were as follows:

Property Total Unique Viewers (000) Viewing Sessions (000) Minutes per Viewer
Total Internet : Total Audience 169,646 5,038,485 816.4
Google Sites 141,065 1,829,662 261.6
Microsoft Sites 48,812 297,731 46.5
Yahoo! Sites 46,714 200,088 36.3* 46,661 170,319 18.5
VEVO 45,917 222,110 86.7
Viacom Digital 45,214 229,856 74.2
AOL, Inc. 38,773 137,362 23.1
Turner Digital 27,447 87,652 25.3
Hulu 27,257 143,461 224.3
NBC Universal 24,185 53,136 20.4


It is no surprise that Google sites amassed 141 million viewers from the 169 million, making them a leader in video content network by a long way in the U.S. Google trumped over all other sites and networks by a long way, primarily driven by the Youtube video views.

All of this is a testament to its continuous dominances as the leading video content network globally. So for all of you hopefuls out there, investing in a video camera and a Youtube account might be the best investment you make! ;)



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