Google introduces new sign-in page for Gmail – Preview it now

, Sun, Aug 21, 2011

Update: The new sign-in page seems to have been rolled out now!

Google has introduced a revamped new sign-in page for Gmail homepage and it is now available for all users to preview.

As a part of larger re-design of Google products, the new sign-in page for has just rolled out today. However, the new design is not forced automatically to everyone, but users are given an option to Preview it.

To view the new sign-in page, you will first have to sign out from your Gmail account (in case you are signed in already). Then on the following page, watch at the bottom of the page and you will find text like:

“Coming soon: A new sign-in page! ”

Gmail old default sign-in design

Just click on Preview it right after the text and you will be redirected to a new elegant sign-in page. Just like the screen shot posted below:

Gmail New Sign in Page

Now carefully analyzing the new design, we see the left side of the page pretty similar. However the real changes are made on the top side of the page, which has now “Google” image icon at the left side, and on the right there is given an option to “Create an account”.

The sign in area is now wider than before and with a simple layout it looks much cleaner and easy to use. Another addition at the bottom left side of the page is of “social buttons” which includes Gmail’s account at Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. Amazingly, there is still No button for +1 which Google recently introduced with its social network “Google Plus”.

In case, you don’t find this new look great and want to revert back to old design, you are free to go. Just find these lines at the bottom of the new sign-in page:

You’re using the new sign-in page. Back to old page

Its still not clear when Google is going to push this new design to all users and make it a default sign-in page. Till then, we would like to hear how actually do you rate this new design?

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  • Really?

    The “social buttons” are in both images…

    And the reason why you can’t +1 the blog post is because +1 requires you to be signed in to Google services. Now, why would you be looking at the login page for Gmail if you were signed in?

  • Guest

    Anybody else notice the difference in inbox available storage in these two images? If the screen captures were really taken as the blog suggests, then the available storage space has SHRUNK

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