No Money for iPhone 4S? Install iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS

, Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Sure, iPhone 4S sounds great and it is a shiny new smartphone everybody must have for so many reasons. But Adam Mills, technology writer for GottaBeMobile, demonstrates that installing Apple’s latest operating system on a two year device can work very well, despite initial concerns.

Mills took his time in testing iOS 5 on his iPhone 3GS and detailing the experience. The installation is a bit slow and nerve consuming but, after that, the iPhone 3GS’ performance is above expectations.

Once the upgrade is finished, some apps might miss. If that happened, the first recommended step is to plug the iPhone to the computer and to sync in order to get back the deleted apps from the computer. However, if this still doesn’t resolve the problem, there are additional suggestions from GottaBeMobile “To download your apps from the iTunes App Store again, you need to open up the App Store on your device. Tap on the Purchased Tab at the bottom of the App Store. On this page, you can manually install all the apps you have purchased and installed in the past.”

After all is set and done, iOS 5 seems to work just fine, according to Mills. For the average user, Mills claims the iPhone experience to be improved significantly with the upgrade. No sluggish performance, no unusual battery drain to spoil the fun while new features become available. Notifications worked properly and iMessage got applause. The new options for the camera and Photo Stream were put to the test as well and didn’t disappoint.

For many users the convenience of iOS 5 working well on a older model iPhone meant that they can skip iPhone 4S in the anticipation for the already rumoured iPhone 5.

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