Bye Bye Evernote? You Can Now Use OneNote on Your iPad, iPhone

, Wed, Dec 14, 2011

Microsoft just announced that its One Note app specially designed for Apple’s operating system would from now on be able to run on iOS 4.3 or later devices, which includes iPad and iPad 2. The new features available with One Note 1.3 allow iPad users to enjoy Microsoft app and the tablet’s capabilities at full potential. The updated version is designed for iPad’s larger screen, with larger pages and menu sidebar. The tabbed user interface with a full resolution view of the notes page is also a novelty meant to appeal to the iPad users.

However, some tech reviewers have wondered why Microsoft made the Metro user interface of One Note work so well on Windows Phone and Windows 8, while the iOS version has a different design. The iDevices users have to ajust to the appearance of a real life notebook on the displays of their digital tools. Once, you get past that however, users could come to enjoy quite an intriguing design solution, although some of the features, like the image of metal rings “holding” the notes together, add nothing to the functionality.

Another good news is that the synchronizing One Note to other devices is now available with SkyDrive. Consequently, the Microsoft’s app becomes a very efficient tool for people working together that need to share documents, schedules, or just simple notes.

In addition, One Note has support for more languages than before, which makes it now available for English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

The new update of this app also introduces a new way of charging for use. Although the app is free, after the user took 500 notes, he or she is asked to upgrade for a price. For iPhone this fee is of $4.99 (£2.99) and for iPad the cost is significantly higher, £10.49.

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