4 Useful iPad Apps to Build an Awesome Presentation

, Mon, Jan 16, 2012

Now that iPads are being implemented in all schools around the US, it’s pretty safe to assume that homework will be done in no time using the iPads as well. And let’s not forget the working class here. A good presentation might help workers win that contract their boss has been bickering about. Or maybe impress some fancy firm and earn a big fat promotion. Don’t jump over them so easily. So here are a few apps that will help you prepare that awesome presentation, right there on your iPad.

1. Apple Apps: Pages, Keynote, Print Central

These are the apps provided by Apple. Users have the possibility to write out notes, speeches, ideas and more. With Keynote you get to create the slides and Print Central allows you to do the printing.

2. Office HD

Allows users to create and edit the existing Word, Excel or PowerPoint files you might have stored on your iPad. It also features an important aspect: Dropbox support.

3. Noteshelf

An app that enables users to take notes in your own hand writing. Noteshelf provides an excellent natural feel when writing stuff down, different option for pen sizes and colors zoom writing, unlimited undo and redo options, a bookshelf view to easily organize notebooks, photo embedding and annotation. Basically everything you might have ever wanted. You can also hook it immediately to a projector and puff you get an instant white board you can work with.

4. Goodreader

This app offers the most ingenious method to store your files on the iPad. Now all your videos, .pdfs, slides are neatly awaiting your command. Just click them and puff. It’s also a good way of moving video files from the computer to the iPad using drag and drop.

I firmly believe technology is made to serve our needs and not the other way around. Inventive gadgets and creative start-ups please my eye and mind. My belief is that a symbiosis out of technology and our daily lives is what can propel civilization forward.
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