Kevin Rose To Start Work At Google This Monday

, Fri, Mar 16, 2012

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and co-host of Diggnation will start his new job at Google this coming Monday.

Milk, the company Rose founded not long ago to financially support startups announced it was closing down its only product, Oink.

According to AllThingsD, Google isn’t acquiring Milk, or Oink. Google are however acquiring the entire Milk team. Employees are apparently netting $1-$2 million each. TechCrunch is reporting Google acquired the entire Milk team for around $15-$20 million.

Kevin Rose who is famous for starting Digg and co-hosting Diggnation will reportedly work on Google’s social efforts, assuming they mean Google+ in which Rose has a strong presence.

Currently, no one is aware what will happen to Milk, the company in which all of the staff have been acquired from.

Rose has invested in some impressive products and companies in the past; Zynga, Foursquare, Twitter and more.

This isn’t the first time Rose has dealt with Google — Digg was very close to an acquisition in 2009 – according to AllThingsD the deal fell apart at the last minute.

Oink, the only product from Milk didn’t attain the success which Rose initially expected – however it was downloaded 150,000+ times in its first month. Milk had raised $1.7 million from Google Ventures – perhaps Google had an eye on Rose for a while – they had no idea how to get him on-board.

It’s going to be a tough move for the Apple fan-boy. Maybe we’ll see him using Android more. Doubtful.

[Source: AllThingsD, TechCrunch, The Verge] [Image Source: Joi Ito]

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