2012: The Year for Play Station 4 and The Next Xbox?

The good news for console gaming aficionados gets even better. Last week we saw rumours about the new Xbox that Microsoft is preparing to release late next year and Sony also having PlayStation 4 in the making. Now all fits together with new information from the game developers.

According to an Edge report, Ubisoft Montreal, Electronic Arts and other companies in the area are working on developing games for the next generation Xbox. Game developers confirm late 2012 launch, as technology websites already pointed out.

Ubisoft expects the first development kit based on the new hardware to reach the studios by the end of this year. A year later, the finalized product should be on the market. If all the rumours are true, we are probably going to take a sneak peak of the Xbox 360 successor at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, where Microsoft is expected to make an announcement.

Apparently, Ubisoft teams are working on PCs containing custom components provided by Microsoft. EA and other major developers are said to have “target boxes” to create a new line of games. No technical specifications have been announced yet and other than the anonymous source Edge quotes there are no confirmed information from the games developers by this time. Ubisot declined to comment.

Nevertheless, the good news doesn’t stop here. On the other hand, Sony’s top studio ceased the development of PlayStation 3, according to the same report from Edge. The entire attention of this unnamed studio, previously implicated in the development process of the graphics technology, is now focused on the next generation console.

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