5 iPhone Action Games That Are Not Boring

Do you think that true action games are only for computers or tablets? Well, games reviewers assure us that we can have a lot of fun with action games on iPhones, playing more than Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja.

1. Zombieville USA 2, has a look inspired by the games popular in the 90s but the game packs a lot of fun. Gamers buy weapons and upgrades as they play to protect the world from zombies. The progress in the game can be transferred through iCloud to other Apple devices.

2. Red Nova. If you feel nostalgic about the space shooters, this game brings back some of the fun of the classic Asteroids games. Fire missiles, take down enemies, power up shields, repair them after you have been hit,( yes, this could happen), rescue people from disabled ships, take over the galaxy.

3. Blue Defense: Second Wave is another action game that takes the players into a galaxy far, far away. The goal is to protect a planet from invaders while earning medals and crushing enemies. But, if as a gamer you feel you are more a down to earth kind of player, you could fight your battles with the next game.

4. Chopper 2. You will have to fly a helicopter and to accomplish a lot of missions like enemy assaults or search and rescue. If you don’t feel like attacking or saving anybody, the games allows you to enjoy frantic flying and still have fun.

5. Army of Darkness Defense. The gamers will have to summon troops, to collect gold and use their best fighting skills to help Ash Williams in his mission to protect Necronomicon. Now, top that Angry Birds, if you can…

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