90 Million American Tablet Users in 2014, Study says

It has not been a while since Tablets debuted in the consumer electronics market, but its production, sales and now mainly usage have increased significantly in an year or two.

Apparently, the major shift towards tablet came after Apple launched its first iPad on January 10, 2010. The iPad was an amazing thing to experience for gadget geeks. It was something between their laptop and smartphone and thus it made its own way and showed another consumer market to the tech giants.

Now, it is being estimated that by the end of 2011, there would be 33.7 million Americans only who will use a tablet device at least monthly. These figures have increased up to 158.6% since last year when the iPad was launched, which makes it 14.5% of total internet population in US.

emarketer predicts us tablet users graph

The online marketing firm eMarketer further predicts that Growth in usage of tablets will be a little slower in the beginning of 2012, but by 2014 the total number of tablet users will rise to 90 Million, which would become 35.6% of all internet users. To make it even more simple, we can say: one third of online consumers will use a tablet by 2014.

Apple’s iPad which has the tablet market share of approximately 83% will continue to lead the market till the forecast period. But its competitors will slowly cut away its share. According to eMarketer’s analysis and survey, iPad’s market share in 2014 will reduce to 68%, but on the other hand there will be 60.8 million iPad users playing with their tablet.

via eMarketer

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