Adobe’s Photo Editing App, Lightroom Wiped User’s Photos and Presets

Adobe launched its Lightroom 5.4.0 for iPhone and iPad users earlier this week. The update was intended to patch earlier bugs and improve the user’s functionality. Yet some users were surprised by the fact that the modified Lightroom software allowed their images and templates saved in the cloud to vanish. Adobe has acknowledged the issue and published an update for iOS and iPadOS alike. But it also listed.

A majority of Lightroom users talked about the error in the Photoshop support forums that had an effect on their editing activities and deleted their current images and presets. Several comments were made by the impacted users shortly after Adobe launched Lightroom 5.4.0 on Monday, as reported by PetaPixel. Several people have responded to the Reddit post.

“That was 2+ years of edits that are just gone, lost, unrecoverable,” one of the affected users wrote on Reddit.

One of the comments on the Photoshop Reviews discussion forums is noted by an Adobe official. “We recognize that there might be images and settings that were not compatible to Lightroom 5.4.0 on iPhone or iPad,” he added that the Company launched Lightroom 5.4.1 for iOS and iPadOS to address the problem and to avoid more customers from being impacted. Nevertheless, Adobe has not presented the users involved with a workaround for their images and settings to be retrieved.

“Installing Version 5.4.1, the user impacted by the issue implemented in 5.4.0 does not recover lost images or settings,” said Adobe in a statement. “We realize certain accounts are not retrievable of images and settings. We understand how irritating and disturbing the impacted persons feel and we apologize sincerely.

Affected users are not satisfied with the response of the service. “It’s the worst,” one of the people claiming to have lost 800 pictures and charged hundreds of dollars in presets posted on Twitter. It is not necessarily the first time that an organization has had an effect on its users’ imagination. Only last month, after experiencing a storage crisis, Canon took its profile. canon website down and some images and videos of their users vanished.

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