Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Review

Apps Games Amazon Kindle FireAmazon has recently launched its new Kindle Fire tablet PC. The tablet had great attention before its launch due to the price tag it offers. Due to Amazon’s reputation and the price it quoted for the device, people started waiting for the launch day. Now, one can finally buy an Amazon KindleNew just for $199 or £149.00.

The Kindle Fire was expected to be an iPad killer but according to the analysts it is more of an alternative for an ebook reader. Like any other device, the results depend on personal views. Amazon did what was right to do. So, there can be chances of misses and hits regarding the Kindle Fire.

Lets talk about the misses first. One of the main drawbacks of owning a Kindle Fire tablet is its very limited disk space. It ships with a 8GB hard drive which not even enough to carry 20 movies at a time in your Kindle Fire tablet. It must be mentioned that iPad, PlayBook and Galaxy Tablet come with a 32GB version.

Another miss of the Kindle Fire is the Amazon App store. Kindle Fire runs a variation of Android 2.3 but applications can only be downloaded from the Amazon App Store which offers only 10,000 apps out of Androids 200,000 apps. Not only this, but application compatibility is also a hindrence. According to Amazon’s execs, an application must be qualified to work on Kindle Fire. This also limits application availability.

Kindle Fire does not have a camera and an external microphone. It also lacks 3G support which is considered a must for today’s tech gadgets!

Another miss is connected to Kindle Fire’s screen size, which is only 7″. Competitors around the market are now offering screens as large as 10″.

The most appealing fact about the Kindle Fire is its price which is mere $199. Even with the above mentioned deficiencies the prices makes it up to the buyer.

Other than price The Amazon Kindle Fire features a state-of-the-art dual-core processor for fast and powerful performance. Now you can stream music on kindle while browsing the web or reading your favorite or while downloading videos.

Another best thing about Kindle Fire is, that its Amazon’s product. So, its creator has linked the whole tablet with the Amazon’s vast collection of movies, music, books and lots of interesting things. This sets Kindle Fire apart from other tablets which do have content but lack hooks to stores!

Amazon will also store unlimited content for the user in the cloud. I consider it a big hit!

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may not be an iPad killer but it is surely a device that can catch eyes. Its an eye candy. Forget the appeal for a minute, just see the price. You will yourself understand the difference.

I personally think that Amazon is not trying to compete iPad or any other android device. Amazon has set a stage for an entirely different audience.

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