Apple acquires 3D mapping company C3 technologies; to compete Google Maps?

Apple Inc has reportedly bought a 3d mapping company named C3 that has the technology to make killer 3d maps, reports 9to5mac.

Apple has been working on its own mapping service for quite long and doesn’t really like that its competitor Google gives ‘directions’ to its consumers on its own Apple iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. We have heard before that Apple has been secretly working on its own mapping technology, it was just not verified until we started to hear back to back news related to Apple eying on maps.

C3’s acquisition is the latest major deal by Apple which is said to be of worth $240 millions. The acquisition of the technology company C3 was completed last year, but no body had any idea that Apple Inc. would come to front as the owner of it.

Currently, the CEO,CFO and product manager of C3 are working under Apple’s iOS division. The executives as well as their team are based in Sweden and working under the name ‘Sputnik’.


Watch out the video below to see the 3d mapping made by C3 Technologies:

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