apple black friday sales

This Black Friday, Apple broke all the previous sales records at its retail stores! Sales were at a record high of four times than ordinary sales figures.

The news was broken by 9to5 Mac, which further explained that the previous budget of Apple was culminated by a high number of sales at 7pm of the big day. 9to5 Mac got a perfect screenshot of Apple’s inventory system that included all the record of Black Friday’s sale. The most amazing thing, and maybe the reason to this huge number of sales, is that Apple offered a discount of up to $101 this Black Friday. So, it was obvious people were attracted to the premium Apple products. High discounts were offered on Apple’s MacBook Air, iMac and McBook Pro but as per 9to5Mac source, MacBook Air did exceptionally well this Friday.

Added to the discount, another possible reason was Black Friday’s charm of shopping and, most importantly, online shopping. According to a survey by comScore, sales of almost $816 million were made this Black Friday and the difference if compared to last year’s was of 26%. IBM’s report also provided that 24.3% sales rising had been observed this Black Friday as compared to last one.

comScore also released the top 5 list of hot stores that made huge sales this Friday among which Apple was on 5th position. Other popular online stores this year were Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

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