Apple CEO, Steve Jobs ‘Blocked For Knighthood’ by Ex British PM

It has been reported by The Telegraph (UK), that Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister at the time, blocked an honorary knighthood for Apple CEO, Steve Jobs in 2009.

He was put forward to receive a knighthood for his services to technology, however he would be unable to use the title Sir (due to his non-British citizenship); he instead would have had the three letters KBE appended to his full name.

Apple was aware that Jobs had been nominated, or put forward, to receive this extraordinary order, but before it could reach the stage of confirmation, Downing Street put an end the process. A former senior Labour MP said this had happened due to Jobs refusing to speak at a Labour Party Conference. Jobs speaking would have vastly aided Browns political career.

Bill Gates on the other hand, founder of Microsoft received the honour in 2005 as did U2 front man Bono.

The source to this, who was a former MP said:

Apple has been the only major global company to create stunning consumer products because it has always taken design as the key component of everything it has produced. No other CEO has consistently shown such a commitment.

However, a spokeswomen for Gordon Brown has denied the claims:

Mr Brown did not block a knighthood for Steve Jobs.

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