Apple Fails to Address the iPhone 4S Battery Issue with Latest iOS 5 Update

The fix for the annoying problem of batter life in the iPhone 4S has been awaited like the second coming of the Messiah. Well, all I can say is – beware of false prophets. Apple’s brand new fix, the iOS 5.0.1 update, reportedly doesn’t fully resolve the issues of the iPhone 4S. However, there’s a small minority of users who claim the update fixes their problems. But, until the majority is not happy, Apple can not rest!

Here are some first hand statements of users unhappy with the update:

“Still losing 15% per hour… that’s with everything turned on…”
“49 mins of usage (checking facebook, texts, arranging homescreen, browsing safari) and 10 mins of standby… 15% drained”

“Hmm…16 minute phone call……4% lost.”
“Typing that one reply above….1% lost.”

“this software update didnt do anything for me but drain it even more. went from ****ty to absolute ****…this is my first iphone and im confused why some of my other friends who own 4s or iphone 4 have better battery life”

“I updated my 16gb white iPhone 4s yesterday night to 5.0.1 and the update seems to be the same as the 5.0. I am losing a 1% every 5min of using the phone I have changed majority of the settings to save battery. Still the same..”

The majority of users are claiming the update did nothing for them, though others report significant changes when speaking of speed and battery use. There have been some suggestions to prolonged battery life which include turning off unneeded notification and location services. There is also the annoying Time Zone in System Services that for some costumers needs to be unchecked in order to prevent the iPhone 4S to constantly look for that information. What will Apple do about this apparently never-ending mess?

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