Apple iPhone Application that will “Improve” your Eyesight

Have you ever heard of a mobile application which can help a person improve his eyesight? You heard that right. There will be now available an application for Apple’s iPhone that can really improve your eyesight.

According to a latest report, an application has been designed for iPhone which will help people improve their eyesight. Ucansi the developer of this revolutionary technology claims that the middle-aged people with weak eyesights, who will use Ucansi’s glasses off regularly, will be able to improve their eyesight to what it was 10 years ago.

It works by showing the user a grey screen with a white circle. Images will appear in random places on the screen. A user will have to pick up “Gabor” patches that appear at the white circle place.

A trial for this app was carried out at University of California. Result showed that an average 50 year old eye was capable to improve its vision to that of a 40 year old eye just after 40 sessions at this app.

Glasses off might not enable people to totally get rid of glasses and contact lenses but it will surely reduce the amount of time people use them. They are actually improving the brain. The expected price of this app is £60 and it is expected to be available on the Apple Store in a couple of weeks.

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