Apple released new update to improve battery, not really worked

This morning I received a notification on my iPhone stating I should update over-the-air. The update was only to fix a major bug — a major bug which has caused some serious issues faced by millions of iPhone 4 and 4S owners worldwide.

The problem which was faced by many, was the speed at which the iPhone’s battery would drain opposed to before iOS5. When the update was released it was the first complaint of many across Apple forums.

The update which was meant to fix the issue has been released, and it would appear nothing has changed.

iOS 5.0.1 promised to fix battery life. It would appear nothing has changed, that is for the minority.

Some have also made comment on the matter:

“Updated about 1.5 hours ago, battery has drained 20% since then with no usage! This is awful!”

“Upgraded to 5.0.1 this morning. Still draining at the exact same rate. Unplugged with a full charge 2 1/2 hours ago, and already down to 80% with light usage. Just lost 2% during a 15 minute shower. I see no difference at all.”

They’re not the only negative comments. Many more too. People are even commenting on the matter that nothing is being said that is slightly positive.

Apple have tried and failed. I suspect that 5.0.2 will be released within the next 7 days. Though will probably be 14 days. Apple; work on this, please.

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