Apple’s EU Stores Down – iPad 2 Pricing On The Way?

It appears that most of the Apple Online Stores in Europe have gone down, which could be a sign for any additional iPad 2 updates (Including pricing/pre-order dates – if any – the US still appear to have no pre-orders on the iPad 2). Despite the predicted price point from the Daily Star article we posted, it is very likely that Apple will stick with the previous price points with the original iPad. That would mean that the base 16GB WiFi only model in the UK would be priced at either £429, or £439.

Or, it could just be the store’s routine maintenance which has been known before as a cause for making the store go offline at off peak times. We’ll find out soon.

Update: It has also been said that during Apple’s Sunday night meeting, store employees were informed of the price points being the same as the first-generation iPad, and that they are now able to advise customers to wait for the iPad 2 instead of purchasing the current iPad (Previously, they were told that they could not disclose information to customers about items that were not yet released), so this is a partial conformation of Apple preparing its staff in time for the March 25th launch – less than 3 weeks away.

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