Asus Transformer Prime Soon to Hit the Shelves, Bringing Tegra 3 Power

Asus has kept its promise and this week, the company has officially announced the word’s first Tegra 3 powered tablet computer, baptized Eee Pad Transformer Prime. This new tablet incorporates all the technology of the new era. Listen to this: its quad-core CPU is backed by a fifth “companion core” and a 12-core GeForce GPU, which basically makes it a lot more faster than its predecessor – last year’s Eee Pad Transformer Tegra 2.

The quad-core is a NIVIDIA Tegra 3 (Kal-El) processor running at 1.4GHz. There’s also 1GB of RAM inside, plus 32GB of internal storage in the base model (a beefed-up version with 64GB will also be on the market) and a microSD slot that allows another 32GB or additional storage. If you’re wondering about the display, the Transformer comes fully equipped with a 10.1-inch super IPS+ panel that pushes 1280×800 pixels. The LED blacklit display is a moultitouch Gorilla Glass.

The tablet weights only a meager 586g and has only 8.3mm in profile. Transformer packs dual cameras (8MP/1.2MP), 1080p video capture, 3.5mm audio and micro HDMI jacks, microSD card port. The battery is supposed to last you 12 hours, but there’s also the possibility of extending it to 18 hours with the optional $149 keyboard dock.

Now that you heard all the juicy details about this new release, you might be already looking to your wallet and credit card wondering how much it costs. Well, the 32GB version will go on sale for $499 and the 64GBone for $599. You might want to add that extra keyboard price too. The Transformer also comes in 2 colors: a blueish one and a grayish one. If $499 is too much for your budget, you can still purchase the original Transformer, which Asus is going to be selling for “just” $399.

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