Best Anti Theft Apps: In this modern world the whole modern era is Smartphone dominated. The people have become Smartphone maniacs as the no. of Smartphone users all across the world are increasing year by year. In this modern world the Smartphone theft has also become a very big issue, but there is nothing to worry about this as there are some Smartphone apps that can help you find your misplaced or lost Smartphone device. It is also strictly recommended  for every Smartphone user to install the Anti theft apps on their device as these apps can help you find or help you to retrieve your Smartphone back.

First of all the most essential thing which comes into account is the IMEI number of your Smartphone. IMEI no. is nothing but a 15 – digit unique no. of your Smartphone. Make sure you note down your IMEI no. somewhere else except your Smartphone.

Best Anti Theft Apps

When you open the Play store or the Apple app Store and search for Anti theft apps you can find thousands of app in the search results but this is not a big deal as we have found out some of the best Anti Theft apps for both the iOS as well as the Android users.

Anti Theft Apps for iOS

Find My iPhone

This is one of those trusted and the best Anti theft apps made by Apple for it’s iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod thus ensuring the Smartphone safety and is available at the App store for free of download. For using this app all you would need is to create an iCloud accound using your Apple ID. In case if your Smartphone gets stolen this app allows you to track your device over the map, lock it remotely and you can even wipe your Smartphone remotely by just signing into your iCloud account.


This anti theft app not only helps you to find your stolen iPhone but also prevents your iPhone from getting stolen by using the motion sensors like the Gyroscopic sensor of your iPhone for detecting the movements. This app is amongst one of the best Anti theft apps as after you activate the iGuard app and let us take a great example on how this app works:-

Say you are out for a coffee and you have placed your iPhone over the table and you enable the alert for sudden moment, if someone tries to steal your phone say picks it up from the table then your iPhone starts giving the sound of the siren and both the camera LED flash light and the screen start blinking. All this can only be stopped by entering the 4 digit pin which the owner of the iPhone has assigned. This app is available at the App Store for free of download and a £0.69 subscription fee.

Prey Anti Theft

This is another the best anti theft app for your iOS device which helps you to track your device as well as clicks the images of the thief which makes it easy to find your lost iOS device. This app is available for free of download  for the iOS users and allows the user to register 3 devices on 1 account.

Anti Theft Apps for Android

Android Device Manager

Unlike Apple Android has also developed it’s own Anti theft app which is available for free for the Android users via the Google Play Store. It the enable the user to locate his/her lost phone over the map, lock the phone remotely, wipe all the data of the phone remotely and also you can make your lost device to ring louder to attract the attention.

Bit Defender Anti theft App

This another one of the best Anti theft apps available at the Play Store for free of download. This app includes the feature of get notified about the new no. when the Sim is changed in your stolen device in the form of a message which is sent to your alternate phone number. You can also remotely lock your device make your phone call answered by simply sending a SMS message.

Prey Anti Theft App

This app is also available for the iOS users and it’s functioning is mentioned above as this app performs the same task as it dos for the iOS devices.


So these were some of the Best Anti Theft Apps 2016 which I think can be helpful for you if you are looking for Best Anti Theft Apps for Android and iOS smartphone to protect your device. As I said above that there are many more most popular Best Anti Theft Apps available out there, but here mentioned above are all Anti Theft Apps are best. If you know about any other Best Anti Theft Apps, then do let us know about it via comments below, I will try to add it to this list of Best Anti Theft Apps 2016.

I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Best Anti Theft Apps for android & iOS  smartphone article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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