Best Health Apps and best fitness apps for iPhoneEverybody wants good health and smart body especially if you are in any health care field then you must be more conscious about your health. But, the time is changing very fastly and everybody is busy in his work and he has no time for doing exercise. Resultantly, he has become fat and dull body that is causing serious diseases.

Now a day, everyone is using Smartphone, laptops, tablets and other gadgets rather than spending his time in ground activities. So, in this article I will share some Best Health Apps and best fitness apps for iPhone and iPad that will help you to attain good health and smart body.

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Squats (Free):

This app is very much useful for such people who are worry because of obesity. This app will help you to attain a beautiful and in-shape body. This app is your trainer that will progressively coach you from 0 to 100 squats in just 10 weeks. When you begin exercises just start your darling music and then the apps audio trainer inform you accurately how many squats to do, when to take rest and when to start again. This app will keep you stimulate which is very essential for success and that is the real magic of the app. The plan is attainable and pleasant even by people that never like to work out.

Runtastic PRO: ($4.99)

Runtastic PRO coach is your personal tracking app and all in one exercise app for running, biking and many other indoor and outdoor sports activities. This app has many features like map your workout in real time with built in GPS and monitor your progress and many other cool features in it.

My Diet Coach (Free):

This app is especially for women. Those who want to lose weight this app is very much useful of them. In this app you will find motivational arguments and guidelines. Helpful and important reminders. This app also contains motivational photos and weight chart with notifications of your goal. This app is free but also has some pro features like Weight chart and food cravings panic button.

 Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal: (Free)

This app will help you in weight lose. This app is fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. This app has largest database of foods than any calorie counter (almost more than 2 million foods). This app will help you take those extra pounds off. There is no other faster or easier diet tracking app than MyFitnessPal.

Waterlogged (Free)

Water is an important ingredient for human body. It is necessary for a normal human to take 8 glasses of water in a day. Deficiency of water creates many problems in human body. This app will inform you that you are not drinking enough water that is necessary for your body. You can track your water using by just spending 60 seconds by using photos of your favorite containers. Many doctors recommend this app to their patients. I will also recommend to all you to must use this app as it is an amazing and useful iPhone Health App.

Lose It! (Free)

If you are worried about your extra weight and serious to lose it, then this app will definitely help you in this goal. This app has very simple, attractive and streamlined interface. It also has a comprehensive database of foods and activities.

Weight Tracker (Free):

This app is great for those people who want to lose their weight. This app allows users to track their weight easily on daily basis. By this application a user can set goals so the app will help him track and quantify his progress towards his weight loss goal.

Weight Watchers Mobile: (Free)

This app will help you to make smart and satisfying food choices. Brand new interactive tools added in this app so you can tap into the stick with it. This app helps you to track your food, activity and weight. In this app you can review your weight lose progress with interactive chart and beside this many other features.

Calorie Counter (Free):

This amazing app contains fastest calorie tracker for food and fitness. It has access over a thousand recipes for delicious and healthy meal ideas. Weight tracker in this app lets you track and view your progress.

WebMD: (Free)

This application helps you with your decision making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access to health information 24/7 mobile optimized and decision support tools including WebMD Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and other local health listings. This application also gives you access to first aid information without having to be connected wirelessly, If you do not have internet access at the time of need. You can customize your app by saving drugs, conditions and articles relevant to you through a safe and easy access login.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Final Words:[/su_heading]

I am sure these Best Health Apps and best fitness apps for iPhone will help you to attain good health and smart body. But these are not the alternate of real exercises rather they will help you to get good results from your daily work outs.

I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Best Health Apps and best fitness apps articel helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.

If, I miss anything then please let me inform through your valuable comments.



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