The world of technology is in a different advancement level. The advancement in gadgets and software’s had made our work more easy and smooth.

Now a day’s technology has gone so advance that we can easily control anything with just a few clicks. Just like remote desktop connections manager.

This manager helps you to control one computer to another computer easily with just a few clicks. This types of managers are being used by many big institutions to guide their learners more accurately.

You can even use this system to guide your parents how to use a computer or any other softwares. The most attractive part about this remote desktop connections managers is that you can use this from any part of the world.

The only basic thing you need is the internet. Using these software’s are very easy.

So today we will be discussing some of the best free remote desktop connections managers which will help you to remotely control other desktop easily with the help of internet so let’s get started.

Top Free Remote Desktop Connections Manager

Listed below are the top free remote desktop connection manager which will help you to control multiple computers from your PC with just a few clicks. The managers which I will be mentioning are very smooth and easy to use.

Remote Desktop Manager

This is one of the best desktop connection manager available in the market. Remote desktop manager not only manages different computers it can also control several other protocols.

It can control protocols like Team viewer, VNC, LogMeIn, HTTP, Citrix, putty etc. With the help of this manager, you can also save your credentials on an external application like the database or KeePass or you can save in any remotely desktop manager online.

This manager connects quickly with other renounced services like integrated password manager, PowerShell support, VPN connection, Microsoft Azure console etc. This remote manager is exclusively free and comes loaded with more several features.

It can easily do all kinds of IT tasks and can manage all kinds of works easily with just a few clicks. This is a must use remote connection manager. If you ever use this, you will really be impressed with the user interface of the system. The next on our list is Terminals.


This is another great desktop manager you can get. The system uses terminal service active client which is very unique in nature. The system here can easily handle the RDP connection with some of the famous and best links available.

The system also helps to connect different networking connections like Traceroute, TCP connections, time sync etc. The terminal has been used as one of the open source projects which is regularly been looked after for an interval of time.

The system is fast and effective and works on different Windows platform like Windows 7. Windows XP and Windows 8. The latest version of terminal which is the version 2 which is said to be stable.

Here in the system, you get the option to open multiple connections using the tabbed interface and you can get the option to connect and to switch to other connection without losing the existing connection.

This desktop connection manager can be easily customized easily and the system comes loaded with different features like port scanning, ping, screen capture, wake on LAN etc. The system supports all the main server protocols like RDP, VNC, VMRC, SSH, RAS, telnet and Citrix.

Using terminals is very easy as all the option are situated at the right place which helps the users to understand the remote desktop connection manager easily.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

This connection manager is from Microsoft. This connection manager helps the user to control multiple remote connections desktops easily.

Here the system is more relaxed and flexible as compared to other MMC remote desktop connection managers. The built in is very high in this system as compared to any other desktop connection manager.

The system works smoothly with different versions of windows like the windows 7, windows 8, Windows 10 and other versions of windows which were from 2003.

If you want to use this system on Windows XP then you need the latest version of remote desktop protocol client. The native connection manager cannot handle different remote desktop protocols.

The remote desktop connection manager is very good for lab manager, tester, administrators, and developers. How can we miss the user interface of this system which is very advance looking and comes loaded with different types of features?

Not only it is loaded with different types of features the user handling is very smooth which attracts many of the users. The system has the ability to control different RDP connections which make it very comfortable to use in the windows. Many people across the globe uses this desktop connection manager as it is very fast and easy to use.

Multi desk

This remote desktop connection manager has the capability to connect different desktop protocol connections. Among all the remote connection managers this is one of the simplest and the clear looking.

Here in this system, you will get a group server folder structure which helps to control all the connections. The system is so smooth that you can easily use it from any of PC without any difficulties without any cost. Here in the system, all the connection will be saved at the XML file system.

The system is so advanced that it ensures connection with only correct shared and established secrets. For example, if anyone has a password the individual cannot RDP on the server.

The system comes loaded with different protection which ensures the users from any kind of problems. The user interface of the system is so smooth that any new user can easily use the system without any difficulty.

The system is been used by many as it provides with best of the protections. The system supports remote desktop gateway followed by a master password which makes is best of the combination.


So these were some of the best free remote desktop connection manager which you can use. Many people across the globe are using these connection managers to control other PCs remotely for many uses.

You can easy get access to those connection managers by simply clicking on the title of each connection manager. So hurry use one of those to get the maximum out of it.


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