Going to vacation is the best thing to do. With the evolving world of internet and technology, things are getting easier. Even with the help of technology going to any trip has become easy. There are different types of websites and apps which allow you to book the best of the hotel from across the nation. There are many people who uses these apps on a regular basis. Not only during the time of vacation there are even many business persons who like to use these websites whenever they are for an outing.

These sites are free to use and provide you with the best of the offers and with some of the exciting pricing. Today we will be discussing about the top ten best hotel booking sites. These sites are well known and since their launch, these sites got massive hit and response in the market. We will also give you a discussion about the top ten websites that will help in knowing all the detail and also help you to choose the best one according to your need.

Best Online Hotel Booking Site:

Listed here are the top online booking sites that will let you book your hotel without any hassle.

Make My Trip

We all have heard of this website and we are sure many of us have even used it. Make my trip is regarded as one of the best online hotel booking sites which has a collection of both national and international hotels.

The site provides it users with the best of the hotel prices which helps it to attract more users. There are thousands of people across the nation who uses these sites to book their hotels from these sites.


Now this site allows its users to select hotel depending upon their objective of the trip. Like if you are up for any pilgrimage trip then the hotel will show those hotels which is suited for this now if you are for any business trip then it will show you hotels which are suitable for the executives.

Although this website is a bit expensive but it worth it as it has the finest amount of collection and is also considered as one of the best hotel booking sites.


If you have to choose any site to book hotel than it would be trivago. Here you get the option to compare hotels with other site means by any how you will get the cheapest of the price.

Here you can also choose hotels according to your need and rating. They often give discounts which are missing in other sites. You can also get deals on international hotels too.


This is the newest and the most successful hotel booking site. You will get the cheapest and the best hotels with a starting price of RS.999. You will also get a collection of AC hotels with a view which just elevates the feel of the site.

Here you can even take a look of your room which is probably the best thing. This service is been given to over 170 cities across India.


If we say about discounts then this will be the best site for booking hotels. Goibibo provides with the best of the discounts which others can’t think of. Here you can get a discount of about 85% which is just amazing whereas other provides with a discount of only 30 to 40%.

The return policy of the system is very good which is regarded as one of the best. There are many people who are just fond of this site.

Clear Trip

We know many of you haven’t heard the name of this site but there are many who uses this site. Although there is nothing much special about this site but this site to comes with great discounts. Not only that you can even coordinate your flight timing with your hotel time which is just too amazing.

This site has some decent rating but it has a wide range of national and international hotels on its list. There are many who loves this site just because of this feature it is another best site for hotel booking.

Trip Advisor

This site has an advanced feature which is just too awesome. Here it lets you choose any hotel and you will get reviews about the hotel by the peoples who have visited it. These review helps others to choose hotels according to their need.

Many people visit this site only to get the opinion about the hotel they have chosen. This site too has both national and international hotels on its list and this makes it one of the best hotels.


If you want full customization then this is the site. Expedia lets users set their hotels and other plans according to their need.

The site comes with different types of hotels which you would not have even heard off. Though this site is not much famous but it can perform well and stand up to your demands.


This site is one of the top local hotel booking sites where you can get all the decent amount of hotel. Finding luxurious hotel may be difficult on this site but for a decent price, you will get lots of options.

The process to book hotel with this site is very easy as compared to other sites.

Travel Guru

If you want to get the cheap priced hotels then we must say that this will be travel guru. There are more than 60,000 hotel on this website which you can choose from.

But unfortunately, here you will not get international hotel bookings. This site has all what you need starting from the cheapest hotels to the most expensive ones. They also provide with some of the best of the offers.

Final Word

These are some of the best hotel booking sites that you can use. The sites which we have mentioned here are best in the class and are widely been used. There are millions of users across the globe who uses this website to book their hotels. Here we have also mentioned the important points about these sites which will help you to choose your desired site according to your need. Now it your choice which sites you will choose. And if you have used any of these sites then do let the other readers know which site is the best hotel booking site.


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