Whether you own a new gaming laptop or a laptop that you have owned for the last few years, buying the Best Laptop Cooling Pad is always a great thing to have.

A cooling pad doesn’t just help a gaming laptop perform better but also help the laptop that you use every day in the long run. A laptop cooling pad is designed to help keep your laptop running cool even on a  hot summer day or when you are pushing the GPU and CPU to its limit while gaming. Not just that, if you play most of your games on your laptop then, having a cooling pad for your laptop can give a huge boost of performance and that can be a blessing for your laptop.

Laptops are small and compact, which makes air ventilation on them hard to reach in every corner. Unlike a desktop that can be fitted to more exhaust fans, a laptop can’t be fitted with additional exhaust fans.

And this is where this list of Best Laptop Cooling Pad will help you out. So if you are thinking about grabbing a cool looking laptop pad that performs well too, you will get it right here. Without waiting any further let us get down with the list of the laptop cooling pad of 2019 that you can grab right now.

Links to the laptop cooling pad will also be provided below.

Why you need a laptop cooling pad?

Be it a Laptop, desktop, mobile device or even machinery, HEAT can cause huge loss of performance and cause the device and its parts to degrade drastically. While desktop and machinery can be fitted with fans or liquid cooling equipment, a laptop will need an external cooling source to suck out the heat to make it work optimally. So this is the basic reason why every laptop user needs a cooling pad.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Laptop Cooling Pad

But before you go ahead and buy any of the Best Laptop Cooling Pad mentioned here, let us have a look at a few points that you need to keep in mind before you buy one. There are a few things that you will need to be cautious about while buying a laptop cooling pad. You don’t want to buy a bulky one if you wish to carry one every day nor do you want a cheap cooling pad for your gaming laptop.

So let us have a look at a few points that will help you choose the best laptop cooling pad for the laptop you own.

1.The convenience of carrying & durability:

If you want to carry your laptop cooling pad with you to your office or your college every single day then I suggest you go for a lightweight and durable pad. While you will be carrying the laptop with the cooling pad, this will defiantly add a lot of weight. Also, if you are going to carry the cooling pad every day, it has to be durable as it will eventually wear out pulling it out of a bag or dropping it accidentally.

2. Cooling factor:

While an everyday usable laptop will need a budget cooling laptop, for a gaming laptop you will definitely need the Best Laptop Cooling Pad out there. A good laptop cooling pad can take down the temperature by 20-30+ degrees. The cooling factor can make a huge difference in gaming laptops as this can give the gaming laptop with a boost of more than 10-20 FPS or more.

You will also need to keep in mind that, a gaming laptop cooling pad will be much heavier, which will make it harder to carry compared to a cheap cooler for a laptop for everyday use.

3. Noise Level:

Cooling fan adds more noise to your laptop setup. So if you want to use a silent laptop cooler then we will be mentioning it here as well as if you don’t mind the noise but want a more powerful cooler for your laptop then we will mention that here too.

4. Price:

Cooling pads might not be costly as you think but you definitely don’t want to buy the costliest laptop cooling pad for half a decade years old laptop. You might buy a cheap laptop cooler for a gaming laptop to get a small boost in performance but what if I can suggest you a better laptop cooling pad for a few bucks more.

5. Height Adjustment:

Consider how many height adjustment levels a laptop cooling pad has. The more levels it has, the better chance you will find one that’s right for you.

6. Anti-Skid Surfaces And Laptop Placement Holders

Well, keeping all these factors in mind let me take you through the list of best laptop cooling pad that you suit you need the most.

The 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2019

1. AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Holder Desk Stand – Cheap and Simple

If you want a really basic laptop cooling pad then the AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Computer Holder Desk Stand is what you need. This is the cheapest yet the best laptop cooling pad you can grab right now. This cooling pad doesn’t have a fan but an elevation technology with heat dissipation which can help you achieve a cooling effect for your laptop. You can use this laptop cooling pad for your regular laptop. It is really easy to carry which means you can use it as a simple cooling tool for your laptop.

  • Reduce OS crashes on a laptop by keeping your laptop cooler using the ventilated laptop stand.
  • Made of metal, the mesh helps to draw out and dissipate heat quickly.
  • Change the height of the laptop elevation along with a change in reading angle to 12 to 35 degrees to make the display more visible.
  • The simple pad that comes with a notch for cable management which will make your laptop as well your desk that you are working on look neat and clean.
  • It can support laptops which are sized at or smaller than 13 x 11 x 7.2 inches.

As this laptop cooling pad is really light in weight you can carry it anywhere you want every day. Also, the pad is made of steel and steel mesh so it will be durable as well. Without any fans in it, there is no question of extra noise.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Cheap price tag.
  • Durable product.
  • No electricity/power required.
  • Excellent product reviewed by many people.

  • Doesn’t have any external fan for extensive cooling.
  • Not recommended for gaming laptops.

GENUINE REVIEW:  “It holds up very well. I have had this since this summer, and I have not had a problem with it at all.  It has many different positions so that you can have your laptop at any angle you like. It’s perfect for keeping the monitor at the correct level to be ergonomic. It helps keep the laptop from running too hot. It works well for this purpose, and there is even room enough for me to put a small fan in there. It is inexpensive so that it won’t kill your budget.

2. Havit HV – F2056 15.6 -17ich Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered (3FANS) (Black + Blue)

This next best laptop cooling pad is an Amazon’s Choice product. This is a cooling pad that will have fans to boost the cooling process of your laptop. With steel mesh to dissipate heat, there are 3 fans that will even further boost the cooling process. You will just need a USB port to power these fans to boost the cooling process. You can also use any charge or power bank if you want to draw more power into the fans.

  • The fan and steel mesh has been well built to protect the cooling pad to avoid any damage if you carry it every day.
  • The cooler has adjustable legs and 2 adjustable screws to adjust the height of the laptop cooler.
  • Even though the laptop cooling pad is made of steel mesh, it is really lightweight to carry.
  • With 3 fast-moving fans, the cooling process will be further boosted.
  • The cooling pad comes with its own on/off switch to help you turn the pad on and off when you need it.
  • The device uses a USB to USB connection which means it will have power accessible from any device.

This laptop cooler comes in 3 different colors as well to match your taste, a Black & Red, a Black & Blue and full blue color. You can use any laptop from size 15.6 to 17 inches, you can also use a smaller laptop but the cooling won’t be much effective


  • Comes with 3 high-speed fan.
  • Durable and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable legs and screws with its own On/OFF switch.
  • Easy USB power connection.

  • Low quality steel mesh.
  • Not slip-proof on top.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” Five stars! Five MILLION stars!!!
I work for a bank, so my hard drive is ridiculously encrypted.
I have 3 versions of visual studio, ssms, and Oracle developer installed, each with a license specific to me – so imaging is out of the question. My laptop was *cooking*. The fan was in overdrive, but it was still burning up. Bought this to help save the hard drive from melting. It is damn near-silent, and I’m in an office where it’s quiet. And my laptop is COLD. The fan is calmly chugging away its worthless contribution while this thing does all the work. Where has this thing been for the last 3 years?!? I’m buying more.”

3. Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad – For Pro Gamers

This is the first gaming laptop cooler in this list of best laptop cooling pad. The cooling pad is really well built and along with that, there are 5 fans to keep your laptop cool. The price of the product might be similar to the other one that we last talked about it is worth mentioning that the Pccooler laptop cooling pad is a little on the heavy side. With steel mesh and well-built structure, this cooling pad is made of gamers who want a cheap cooling pad. This is made for stationary use only as it is heavy to carry. You can even use this cooling pad for Play Station and believe it or not, it works incredibly with that too.

  • With 2.5mm steel mesh built, the cooling pad is really durable and can take on the heavyweight of a gaming laptop really easily.
  • The heat dissipation works like wonder with the steel mesh to grab the heat and the 5 high powered 110mm fans to dissipate the heat easily.
  • For a gaming laptop cooler, the 10 red led really provides a great look to the cooling pad.
  • You can use any laptop on this laptop cooling pad whose size may vary from 12 inches to 17.3 inches. you can use other sizes too but you will need to be careful.
  • With 5 fans to power this cooling pad, you can plug in 1 USB for standard speed and 2 USB for max power.
  • you will also have 6 different adjustable angles you can set your laptop to suit working or gaming environment.

For all those gamers with gaming laptop or those who use their laptop in a hot environment, you can opt for this laptop cooling pad.


  • Well built with 2.5mm steel mesh.
  • 5 high-speed 110mm fan for extensive cooling.
  • 6 adjustable angles for proper viewing angle.
  • Good for gaming laptops.


  • Heavy and clumsy to carry.
  • A laptop might slip if set to vertical adjustment due to absence of sticky component.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” I bought this cooler for my PS4, it’s quality is good and it did a great job. There are 5 fans with cool LED lights. Different angle and fan speed can be adjusted. Worth the money!”

4. TechNet Laptop Cooling Pad – Portable Ultra-slim Quiet

For those who are searching for a notebook cooler like MAC or MAC Pro, this is a more APPLE MAC BOOK oriented cooling pad that will defiantly help you decrease the temperature by at least 15 degrees. If you own an ultrabook, notebook or any other compact laptops then this product is for you. For all those costly notebooks that require centrally cooling, the TechNet Laptop Cooling pad is the best choice for you. this cooling pad is made for notepad whose size varies from 12 to 16 inches.

  • Metal mesh with a high contact point for notebooks and Mac book and ultrabook.
  • The cooling pad 2 fans that are powered independently by 2dirrent USB ports which means you can plug-in 1 USB  port to run 1 fan and plug-in 2 ports for running 2 fans for extreme cooling.
  • It is really light in weight and thin in size making it easy to carry anywhere you want along with your Mac book or think notebook.
  • This cooling pad is really quite and the fan doesn’t make much sound.
  • The cooling pad supports premium laptops by brands such as Apple Mac book Pro, Air, HP Spectre, ALIENWARE, and other lightweight laptops.

This is the best laptop cooling pad for lightweight laptops. Though this is a durable laptop cooler we suggest you only use ultra-light book or Apple Mac book as the cooling pad has a steel mesh contact plate similar to these devices only.


  • Excellent for Lightweight laptops.
  • Great cooling effect with heat contacts.
  • Single and dual fan running option.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • Fan doesn’t light up and doesn’t look much premium.
  • Doesn’t support all laptops.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” This is a well designed cooling pad. It fits right under my 2012 MacBook Pro 13 (13.3″ display). This cooling pad measures 14 inches by 11 inches. Diagonally it’s 17.5 inches. It’s lightweight so it makes it easy to carry around with my laptop on top.

It has 2 cooling fans that I can barely hear. The fans are blue in color but they don’t light up when they’re running. There is a blue led in the back right beside the power switch that indicates if it’s on.

Connects to my MacBook via USB. This leaves one USB port available in the back of the cooling pad next to the power switch.

The bottom and sides of the cooling pad have openings that allow more air to flow into the fans. Okay to use directly on my lap since it also draws air in from the sides. My MacBook stays in place and doesn’t slip off the slightly angled surface. I am pleased with this product. “

5. TopMate TM- 3 12 – For Strong Gaming Laptop

This is yet another gaming based best laptop cooling pad. the TopMate TM-3 is designed for gaming laptops which are limited to 15.6 inches. The advanced design of the cooling along with the LCD display showing the speed of the fan running is really handy. This gaming cooling pad is a little heavy and if you want you can carry it. It is not as heavy as our previous laptop cooling pad by PCCOOLER but is heavy that you might only want to carry if you need it. The cooling pad also comes with adjustable levers that can be set at 3 different angles which will make your gaming experience fun no matter where you are sitting be it on table, bed or couch.

  • The TopMate laptop cooling pad comes with 5 fans which makes the cooling process while gaming really fast.
  • You can title the laptop as you need with 3 different angles.
  • You will have a small led display with ON/OFF switch. You will also have keys to increase and reduce the fan speed along with the speed that the ran is running on currently.
  • There are 6 different speed that you set from according to your gaming need.
  • The TopMate TM-3 laptop cooler looks really cool with led lights while gaming.

The weight of the cooler is 2.2 pound which is quite on the heavy side. So if you are going to carry this cooling pad anywhere be sure to carry it in a handbag. Also as the cooler is a pad of plastic and steel mesh, it is not as durable as it might look so I would suggest you handle it with care. Overall this laptop cooling pad is worth investing in.


  • 5 high-speed fans.
  • 3 different angles for viewing comfort.
  • Led display for details about fans sped.
  • Increase and decrease fan speed.


  • Heavy to carry around.

GENUINE REVIEW: “It’s a nice fit for my 14″ MSI GS43VR gaming laptop. When not playing, I use the built-in GTX 1060 for coin mining (over-clocked memory, under-clocked core). It generates a lot of heat and without this unit, my laptop does freeze once in a while. With it, I can run for days at room temp of 75F and have not had frozen once at a fan speed of U3 (max U6).”

6. VOXON 6 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad – Superior Cooling

This is a huge laptop cooler with 6 large fans built-in running at 1400RPM. with high-quality metal mesh and larger metal contact, it provides a huge boost to cooling. But the big drawback about this best laptop cooling pad is that you won’t be able to carry it everywhere due to its large size. Through it has a large size the design is ergonomic. The large metal mesh contact pad doesn’t just cool your CPU but also help to keep you GPU cooler. The VOXON cooler pad is for gamers and users who want a stationary place where they use their laptop. Be it at the office or at home, you would love using it as your permanent laptop cooling equipment in one place.

  • There are 6 fans in VOXON cooler pad which run on 1400RPM which creates high cooling for any laptop.
  • Help to keep both the CPU and GPU cool.
  • Due to large contact plate and better metal mesh you can use this cooling pad for a long time such as watching a movie or for bitcoin mining process.
  • With large size, the cooler comes with anti-slip rubbers at the bottom to hold on to large laptops in place.
  • This cooling pad supports laptops which may vary in size from 12 to 19 inches which are really great for gaming laptops.

This is an everyday use as ell gaming use durable laptop cooling pad that you can keep running for hours. It is suggested to be used at home or office but you might not want to carry it as it is heavy and bulky in size.


  • Supports many types of laptops.
  • Large contact plate to dissipate heat easily.
  • Help to cool down both CPU and GPU.
  • 6 fans running at 1400 RPM.


  • Large and Bulky to carry.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” I have a 17.3inch Acer Nitro 5 9th gen and this laptop cooler fits my gaming laptop perfectly like a glove!. The metal/hard plastic construction is 100% solid, it does not move or make any creaking noises. The 6 six fans make a quiet and comfortable whooshing noise, it is barely noticeable. Keeps my laptop cool. The 6 small fans are effective and I have confidence because I know my laptop will never overheat. Bonus: I like the 2-inch height boost and red led accents as well. **Contrary to the product description/title, this laptop WILL NOT FIT a 19-inch laptop. Just FYI** “.

7. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim – Easy to Carry

Cooler Master is a well-known brand in the world of gaming as they provide with great cooling equipment for both gaming PC or Laptops. The brand itself will let you know why the Cooler Master (R9-NBC-XSLI-GP) is known to be one of the best laptop cooling pads that you can carry every single day. The lightweight of this laptop cooling pad is the reason why we are going to mention it here. The single large fan runs at 1500RPM which is also a durable one with extreme cooling technology. The mesh and the metal contract are made of high-grade aluminum which makes it durable as well as help to dissipate heat easily.

  • Whether you are using a Apple Mac Book Pro, Ultrabook, Notebook or Netbook, you can grab this high-quality cooling pad to help you cool your costly laptop.
  • The laptop cooler comes with an ultra-fast single motor 160mm fan that helps to keep any laptop cool.
  • Can be used for gaming laptops which are of the compact size of 15 – -17 inch.
  • The Cooler Master laptop cooler  ( R9-NBC-XSLI-GP) is really light in weight which means you can carry it where you want along with your lightweight notebook.
  • A retractable USB cable for a clean look.

This is a lightweight laptop cooling pad that you can carry every day for gaming as well as official use.


  • Branded cooler pad for a laptop which looks professional as well.
  • Supports quite a few laptops up to 17inches.
  • A single high power fan running on 1500RPM.
  • The high-quality material used.
  • Really lightweight.


  • Doesn’t have an adjustable screw or neck.

GENUINE REVIEW: ” Superb lightweight laptop cooler for everyday use. You can use it for extreme gaming as well as for office work for a long time”

8. Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminium Panel – Adjustable Temperature Sensor

If you want a high-quality laptop cooling pad without thinking about the price then the Thermaltake is the laptop cooling pad you want. With extreme cooling through 4 different areas sensing the temperature, the cooling pad automatically increases or decreases the fan speed. There are LCD buttons to easily control the working of the thermal panel. 2 high-efficiency 120mm fans get the work done to provide 30+ degrees decrease in temperature.

  • Comes with 2 no’s 120mm fan of premium quality to provide extreme cooling.
  • Temperature sensors to automatically increase the fan speed and decrease the fan speed when not needed.
  • Easy display control to optimum control.
  • 3 years of parts and labor warranty.

This is the best laptop cooling pad which comes with a premium price ($81.96) and even better features. If you want your Co-workers and fellow gamers to look around and appreciate your extreme laptop cooler then this is the cooling pad your laptop needs.


  • Used high-quality aluminium for faster heat spread and dissipation.
  • Provides with 30+ degrees of heat dissipation.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • 2 fans with 120mm high-quality cooling.
  • Touchpad for controls.


  • Doesn’t have adjustable keys for higher or lower the laptop’s viewing angle.

GENUINE REVIEW: “This thing keeps my Alienware 15 2015 model running about 20-30F degrees cooler than without. I love Thermaltake products and have purchased Thermaltake cases and PSUs. I have noted the high quality of construction with all of their products. This cooler is no different. Thermaltake, keep doing what you’re doing.”

9. DEEPCOOL N9 Laptop Cooler – Fan with Adjustable Speed

If you want a cooling pad for your laptop that works like a pro gaming cooling pad yet will be light and thin to carry it anywhere you want then DEEPCOOL N9 is what you need. The single fan on this cooling pad works at 600  RPM on normal mode to provide adequate cooling even when you are gaming. The DEEPCOOL N9 laptop cooler is made thin for easy carrying and is one of the slimmest laptop cooling pad you can buy today.

  • 2.5mm thick aluminium which spreads all over the base of the laptop for extreme cooling.
  • On normal speed, the single fan runs on 600RPM which is enough while gaming but in extreme gaming situation you can turn it to 1000+ RMP which will provide 35+ degrees of lower cooling even if you are sitting at a hot place.
  • There are 6 adjustable slanted angles you can place the laptop on this cooling pad.
  • Provided with high-quality anti-slip rubber baffles to hold the cooler in place even with a 17-inch laptop performing on extreme mode.
  • Comes with 4 USB slots out of which 1 can be used for power and others for transferring data’s.

Easy to carry this is a daily use laptop cooling pad that you can carry anywhere you want which performs like a professional gaming laptop cooling pad.


  • High-speed High-performance fan.
  • 6 different angles to adjust from.
  • Can reduce high temperatures up to 35+ degrees lower.
  • Great build quality.
  • Looks and feels premium


  • Fan speed could have been faster.

GENUINE REVIEW: “Best for carrying it around and for everyday casual gaming even during hot summer days.”

10. Cooler Master SF19 V2 – Extreme LED Color

Focused mainly for gaming, this is the best laptop cooling pad you can get right now. If you don’t want to carry your gaming laptop then you can use the Cooler Master SF 19 V2 as your stationary laptop gaming rig cooler. With extreme cooling that you can run for hours of extreme gaming. This cooling pad comes with mini and micro USB cooling option as well if you want to connect it to a power bank or the wall socket directly.

  • New and improved large size aluminium mesh helps to cool the laptop at extreme gaming situation even with Overclocking.
  • With large space to set your laptop, you will not need to worry about whether your 19-inch gaming laptop will have a stable space or not.
  • The 7 multi-light shader provides with multicolor lighting which looks cool while gaming.
  • With 4 USB ports for charging or connecting other devices and also with mini and micro USB you won’t have to worry about searching for ports to connect any device you want.
  • The cooling pad comes with anti-vibration and anti-shock padding for super silent gaming even when you are gaming hardcore.

Weighing at 4.3 pounds, this is an extreme gaming laptop cooling pad that you would keep at one specific place like your desktop. It provides extreme cooling even at 50% fan speed so you don’t have to worry about gaming for hours even with overclocking on. This is the best laptop cooling pad for any gamer out there.


  • High-speed fan and cooling effect even for gaming laptops.
  • Led lightning that looks amazing while gaming.
  • Highly gaming centered cooling pad.
  • Can easily take on 19-inch laptops.

  • Really heavy weighing at 4.3 Pounds.

GENUINE REVIEW:” this is a great product. I didn’t really buy it as a cooler I bought it more as a stand to keep my laptop where I’m comfortable. as a cooler, it did work well on my ASUSG750JW that got hot a lot even when not gaming. it now sits on my ASUSG752VS and still works great but I don’t need the cooling features on this laptop, I simply can’t seem to get it hot no madder the game or settings. I do wish however I could have found this in a 3.0. at the time I looked and looked. there was one rumored but I couldn’t find it for sale. its built very very well but don’t travel well it’s bulky and hard to fit in bags. however with the build quality, ill deal with the extra bag. (2018 Update ) just an update, this thing finally broke now in 2018. it wasn’t the fault of the product it was mine, it took one hell of an impact to do it. I didn’t even look for another cooler I simply went and purchased this one again. worth every penny.”


This was the list of the top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad of 2019 that you can grab right now. Whether you are a gamer or an everyday laptop user who want a little performance boost or want to keep your new laptop running cooler,  this list of Best Laptop Cooling Pad will definitely you out. We have mentioned a few of the best cooling pad for a laptop that you can grab at a really cheap price and we have also mentioned high-performance laptop cooler pad that will help hardcore gamers.

The price of the pad for laptop cooling in this list may vary from time to time. We will update the price and this list when/if there is an offer that will help you get a better laptop cooling pad mentioned in this list.  


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