From the inception of clock, alarms have become an important part of our everyday life. Some people are so much dependent on alarm clock that they won’t even get up of their beds without hearing sound of the alarm clock. It is may be the most disliked sound for people who don’t like to be wake up from their sleep. But for people who had a busy schedule and needs to do their work time to time are very much dependent on it.

People like it or not it doesn’t matter we still need alarms. Nowadays we also have alarms in our Mobile phones, which is also pretty handy to use. There are many services available online and for your kind information alarm clock sites are also then online. These sites will help you to set a time and date so that whenever you are online it will alert you for any kind of work. So, here in this post I will mention top 10 online alarm clock sites.

List of Top 10 Online Alarm clock sites:

Though there are several alarm clock sites available on the internet but here I have chosen some of the best for you. These sites are loaded with some of the amazing features such as some of these sites will allow you to use YouTube video as an alarm tone or you can use the default tone. So the following are the alarm clock sites.

Online Video Clock:

In this alarm clock you can set the alarm time in four easy steps and they are-

  • First you have to set the alarm time.
  • Then either you can select a default tone or you can choose a video of your choice from YouTube.
  • The go through the settings and confirm that everything is ok.
  • The set the alarm.

Now some new features are added to this alarm clock such as a Snooze button. If you want you can select one of the five themes for the alarm clock, you can also give notes to your alarm so that you can get a reminder of the work you are going to do. Online timer facility is also available.

It is another best site for alarm clock and here you can set two alarms. One of the best things is that if somehow the internet connection goes off then a backup alarm will be played for you. Here you can bookmark the alarm time so that it plays automatically.

Here one of the easiest ways to set alarm is to set alarm by giving the alarm time on the URL for example www.,, etc.

Online Clock: is one of the best alarm clock sites and it come with various amazing features. Here you will get various clocks for all kind of purposes.

You will also get clocks of various sizes and apart from the regular clock you can select military clock, analogue clock and video clock. Here you will get stopwatch, countdown timer, space clock and binary clock.


 In this alarm clock you can choose the time and day and the alarm tone that you want to set. Either you can set one of the default tones or you can give one of your own tone. This clock enables you to set YouTube videos and MP3 as your alarm tone. The alarm time can be provided with a countdown.

The colour and Time font size can be changed. The test button is provided to check whether the alarm is set according to your setting or not.

Music Alarm Clock:

It is a simple but one of the best alarm clock that i have ever seen. Here only you have to set the alarm time and select a tone or a radio station and set the alarm on. The sound of the selected melody or radio station can be checked in Music alarm clock.

Alarm Tube:

In this alarm clock you can use YouTube video and by doing this you will be alarmed with the favourite video that you like the most.  Here you can select video from the features video to set it as alarm. Alarm can also be set by using natural language.


It is simple but useful alarm clock that will alarm you on time. Here you can choose the digital timer to alarm you with the tone of, Military trumpet, slayer guitar, electronic, cockerel and classic clock. You will be satisfied by using this alarm clock which will wake you up on time.

Online Stopwatch:

This alarm clock has an analogue interface and is very easy to use. Here you have to turn the minute hand and the hour hand to the time you want to set the alarm. You have to turn the green hand to the time when you want the alarm to go off.

The display is available in two formats one is roman and the other is numbered. The clock will flash to red colour when the alarm will go off and the tones of this clock will surely wake you up.

Naked Clock:

It is very easy to set alarm with the naked alarm clock. Only you have to set the alarm time and select the tones available in it and turn the alarm on. If you want then you can also add a note to your alarm.

Clock Easy:

In this alarm clock you will get a stopwatch, an alarm clock and a chronometer. The procedure to set up alarm in it is very handy. Only you have to select the time for the alarm and it will rang on time. You can also use the clock as an widget on your webpage or blog. The widgets font , style and everything can be changed according to your choice.


The alarm clocks sites that I have mentioned in this article are the most reliable sites to set alarm. Each of these sites has their own unique features apart from just alarming. So use this site and experience a different way to wake up every morning.


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