Free online video editors: Videos are something which can be more expressive than images or songs. How about making a video with the images and video clips you already have? Or what if you are asked to make a video for anybody’s birthday? You might think it will take an Audio/Video expert to do this. Well you are wrong.

There are so many advances in technology that now people without any knowledge in video editing can edit videos ‘The Professional way’. You can also edit your videos to your heart’s content without downloading and installing any software – all you require is a decent connection to the internet.

There are several websites that allow you upload your images, raw video footage and sound and tweak it to your heart’s content then publish it where you will.
Here is a list of video editors which are very easy to use and come in very handy with their features.

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  • ShotClip’s library of shortlists help you build amazing videos shot-by-shot.
  • Shotclip allows you to work either alone or to collaborate with others with the aim of creating a specific video or videos (aProject).
  • You will be able to edit video with their website and phone application with easy to follow guided three step process.
  • It is an application for creating videos for people that are beginning to do video editing.
  • At the centre of shotclip, is a template guide that breaks down your video for you, showing you image by image, what shots to use to tell your story and how to use them.


  • Magisto is one of its kind. It is very simple to use.
  • The entire site works as you scroll down. It asks for images and videos you want to make a video of.
  • Then it asks for the style of video you need. These are there in plenty and they resemble the filters in Instagram. Once done you can add music to the video.
  • There are some files already there, but you can add your own from your computer. Finally it makes a video compromising of all this stuff. Pretty neat if you ask me.
  • Also it is free.


  • WeVideo is a little more advanced than Magisto but it is not entirely available for free.
  • There are certain plans you can opt for which are charged on monthly basis.
  • Although the editing and features are top notch and worth the try.
  • It has the feature where you can select the time and order of the videos and images you upload.
  • The user interface is way too beautiful and worth the money if you ask me.


  • Mixerfactory is the other best online video editor which helps you to edit video online.
  • This is a very simple to use and easily understood Online Video Editor.
  • This online video editor site gives you a white labelled online video editing toolbox, which you can further customise to create whatever you want.
  • It has various templates and has loaded features for transition, text, video, sound effects and frame level cutting.
  • This is the award-winning online video editor website.


  • Kaltura is known to be the first Open Source Video Platform.
  • The website is also pretty easy to use as a beginner.
  • The absolute best part of Kaltura is that it provides great support services too.
  • They also have management, professional video publishing, syndication and monetization benefits.
  • This is not to deter the beginners and those just venturing into the world of video editing.
  • Available on Kaltura are professional and commercial grade video editors that allows you to beautifully and cleanly create astonishing videos.


  • This is a very resourceful editor, however it can be a little bit confusing at times for users with a little experience in video editing, but once you get the hang of it, you can do these things without much efforts.
  • Here you can add effects, transitions, music, text, etc. Not only is this a video editing site, but also a stock photography and video site, where you add other videos to yours to make a complete sequence.
  • However this is not free and can be very expensive compared to others. The standard charges are 78$ per video.
  • But such prices are reasonable when it comes to a stock video and photography site.


  • This is a rather easy video editor with minimal features and options.
  • It is totally free but not that great to use. It can also be used to convert your video.
  • The options provided can be satisfactory if someone wants to make a video quickly enough and with not much effect.


  • WeVideo is truly a great site for online video editing and creation.
  • WeVideo is a shared online video creation tool.
  • You can add video or audio files from major sites like vine, YouTube and SoundCloud, import GIFs and other animations from Tumblr, Loopcam and Imgur.
  • Another great thing about WeVideo is the google drive app so that you can save all your projects, complete or incomplete directly to your google drive account.
  • It provides simple and yet extremely efficient drag and drop interface with which you can get, trim, mix and combine tracks to your heart’s content all without leaving the WeVideo website.
  • The Android app also allows you to capture raw footage for your projects directly from your phone.


  • PowToon is other best online video editing site.
  • It allows you use what is essentially a digital version of paper cut-outs superimposed on colourful backgrounds.
  • If you need a video that is to serve as a sort of guide or teacher then PowToon is definitely the website you want to use.


  • Creaza is yet another online editor with the same features which are given above in the others.
  • However this one does have a feature of a direct HD upload to YouTube or a HD download.
  • Either way you can get the video done in HD.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Conclusion[/su_heading]

So friends these are some best online video editor to edit video online. Some of them are paid and some free, so just choose any of them and make or create your video at online. From internet you will get may best online video editor sites but above maintained online video editor sites are best for you.
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