Now days connecting with friends, family and colleagues have become easier. Today we use many apps, messenger to connect with everyone. One of them mostly and commonly use by all are Whatsapp. But you get bored with whatsapp? And searching for something new and interesting? Or in other words looking for whatsapp alternative for Smartphone’s? Here we’ve brought the five best whatsapp alternatives to rule your instant messaging world. These five alternatives will surely give you a better experience. Must try these five messengers.

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One of the leading and best messenger of today’s generation is skype. Skype has more features and simple to use. Even you got the facility of free call and video call with messaging. And the good news is that Skype is available for mobile and for PCs also. Even you can share file in the skype.

You can get skype for free on the play store. And you can get more info easily on skype.

Feature Of Skype

  • Lowcost call on mobiles and landlines too.
  • Skype can used on PC, tablets, mobile as well as onTVs


It’s the new messaging app gone viral at this time. The most liked feature of this app by user is that its speed and file sharing capability up to 50 mb. It has more emotion or sticker as compared to other. Structure of Telegram is also very simple and can be easily handle by all. It is a free messaging application and it available at play store for all.

Features Of Telegram

  • Super fast, simple, secure and free.
  • Can send any type of file and make group of 200 people and can send broadcast message up to 100 friends at a time.
  • Contain feature of secret chat, and have free backup facility.


Line is a messaging and calling application launched in march 2011. It is also growing day by day and having approximately 560 million user all over world. This app is available for windows as well as for iOS including smartphone. This app is free for every user and easily available on play store.

Features Of Line

  • Free voice and video call is available.
  • Send stickers, picture, videos and much more.
  • Timeline feature like facebook available.


This ChatOn app is made by most popular brand of smartphone Samsung. This app comes with pre-loaded in every samsung mobiles. But don’t worry this app is also available for other platforms and can easily be downloaded for others mobile. You can easily login into this app by you Samsung id or you can login by giving and verifying your mobile number. When you login into this app it will check your all contact and find out who is using chat on and make their account available for you. You can get this app on play store

Features of ChatOn

  • Simple and faster and only for messaging.
  • Easy backup of all chats and can be recovered easily at any time.
  • Change background of “My Page” with images, videos.


Hike is a instant messaging application launched in 2012 and is freeware application. Hike is available for all theplatforms like – iOS, Blackberry OS, Android and symbian. There are only few application which are available for symbian’s but Hike is one of them. Hike is also a secured messaging application and One of best whatsapp alternative  with 128 bit encryption. You can download this app for free on play store.

Features Of Hike

  • Hike is having feature of regionals sticker means you can express your expressions with stickers in your own language.
  • Good privacy feature. You can hide your profile picture, status, last seen. And send free message if your friend is offline or not on hike direct in their message box.
  • There’s a special feature of private chat which can be only accessed by entering password. So do your private chat more securely here.
  • Send any type of file including media and non media.
  • Send large files up to 100 mb.

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The above five messaging application can used in place of whatsapp and all are freeware and easily available on app store. If you really want to change your whatsapp messenger with any of best alternative then these five are best alternatives. You can use them all, all of them are good with their features. But whatsapp is also best at its place.

I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this best whatsapp alternative app article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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