Blackberry launches BBM Music service in The UK

BlackBerry has announced the launch of new BBM Music service for its subscribers in the UK, in a recent email to subscribers and users of Blackberry services. The new music service integrates the social networking concept with that of music sharing.

The new BlackBerry BBM Music service will allow the subscribers to choose their 50 favorite tracks for streaming online (which they can also listen later while Offline). After downloading the BBM Music app, you will then be able to add your friends into your BBM network. Now, the tracks you choose for your playlist can be shared with your friends, who can then stream it for free. Similarly, you can listen to the tracks that your friends are adding to their own playlist.

BlackBerry says that the more friends you are connected with on BBM music, the bigger your music library becomes. Although, the playlist is limited to 50 songs only, but you can swap up to 25 new songs each month with the BBM music library that consists of over 9 million tracks already.

BBM Music sharing and ChattingBBM music will feature tracks from renown record labels like Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI and will then integrate them with the contacts of your Blackberry Messenger. Amazingly, you can create custom playlist for different occasions and share them instantly with your friends. As this service is also a BBM connected app, you can start chat in real-time with your friends and discuss the music you share.

The BBM Music app is completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD, however there is a 60 day free trial period. After the two months Free trial, the subscription charges for using BBM Music will be £4.99 per month. The BBM Music service is compatible with all BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry OS5 and above.

After the horrible BlackBerry services crash last month, this is BlackBerry’s most timely and innovative idea to gain their subscribers’ confidence back again and keep them attached to the service. Even after days long blackout, the users now still seem to be addicted to BBM’s instant messaging service.

Now, we believe where this new mobile music sharing will keep its subscribers connected with each other and with the network, this will also open a whole new dimension towards “music made social on mobile”.

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