British Royal Wedding Set for iTunes Download Same Day

April 29th really isn’t that far away — and if you don’t know what significance that date has – it’s the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and it’ll be available as a video and possibly audio download the same day the 29th.

Not only will this day be marked in history for the marriage, but the fact everything, including the couples’ vows will be on tape and sold digitally too and will be available as soon as the event is drawn to an end.

The press are currently unaware whether it will be video or audio right now — though the involvement of a record label would suggest audio. Chairman and CEO of Universal Music UK David Joseph spoke with Reuters and said: “The fastest we have ever released an album of this stature.”

It was announced a while back that the wedding’s official website would be hosted by Google’s App Engine Platform.

Currently we are unaware of any pricing though I assume it will not be of regular pricing.

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