China becomes the World’s biggest PC Market

China becomes the World’s Biggest PC market after surpassing the US in both PC Sales and shipments in the second quarter of the year, reveals a new research done by a marketing firm International Data Corp.(IDC)

China for the first time in history has reached the milestone of becoming the World’s biggest personal computer market. According to the report:

PC sales of China reached US$11.9 billion, while U.S. PC sales fell behind to $11.7 billion. For shipments, China saw a 14.3 percent increase to 18.5 million units year-over-year. But in the U.S., PC shipments dropped by 4.9 percent to 17.7 million units.

Although U.S PC sales are expected to boost up again in upcoming holiday season, but during the next year 2012 and onward, China will again take over the position as the biggest PC Market, said AVP of IDC.

Bryan Ma, the AVP of IDC further said:

”We weren’t expecting this to happen in this quarter, as previous projections had expected China to take the lead sometime in 2012″.

With this instant development, it is being expected that Growth in China’s computer market will continue to increase as the foreign PC makers will continue to invest in the country.

via WSJ

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