In the recent updates of the windows 10 that is newest version 15.12. It is usually a file that is a compression version software 7-zip program on the operating system of your computer. And you must have note down while making an entry of CRC-SHA.

After that you will get to see several entries such as CRC-32 or CRC-64 or SHA-1 and SHA-256, etc. These entries comes with the installation of 7-zip which is the latest version available for the operating system of windows 10.


Today we will talk about how to remove CRC-SHA entry form context Menu in windows 10. This is a problem not only takes place in windows 10 OS but also in other version of windows like 7, 8 and 8.1.

The new release of the windows 7-Zip stable version and that is 15.12. It brings tons of features along with it. The latest feature into it is the file compression version software for the purpose of substantiality. And also RAR5 format support is been added into this version.

There are two entries into the folder content menu and right after clicking the entry will display to you CRC-32 or CRD-64 or SHA-1 or SHA-256. Before we get started learn about CRC and SHA.

What is CRC & SHA?

Speaking of CRC it stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check and is used into the digital networks or detecting the coincidental that are created in data.

To make it very simple for you to understand the functions of CRC in a computer, this is an error detector code working in the digital network. Also works as storage devices for the changes that are made in to data. They are common to everyone since they are easy for implementing. Not only that, they are also very good in detecting the common errors that occurs due to noise into the transmission of the channels.

The full form of SHA is Secure Hash Algorithm and it is developed by the National Security Agency. The purpose of it is to search out integrity of data.

SHA is continuously used for determining the integrity of the data downloads from the internet, to make sure data get successful download without getting corrupt in the transmission or in other situation.

There is several numbers of tools that is being use for calculating the value of Cyclic Redundancy Check and Secure Hash Algorithm in your computer. It does not supports calculating only with the latest stable version of 7-Zip but also in the previous versions.

The only thing that was not simple is the problem and it is little complicated.

Steps to remove the CRC-SHA entry from the windows 10 from context Menu:

As it comes to the process of removing CRC-SHA right from the menu of context, you assume that CRC-SHA is useless and decide to delete. For that, follow the instructions that are provided below in step-wise.

  • First Step: Launch the start Menu and into the search box enter “7-Zip” and hit the enter key.

  • Second Step: Double-click on the icon of the “7-Zip File Manager” form the screen.
  • Third Step: Into the window of the 7-Zip window. Select Tools and then options.

  • Fourth Step: After that into the options dialogue box of options, select 7-Zip. Choose CRC SHA> by ticking on the box and then click Apply and OK button.

In this way you have removed the CRC-SHC entry from context Menu in windows 10.

Here we have concluded the steps that you need to know and will give the solution to the problem. Now you can easily remove CRC-SHC entry from context Menu in windows 10 by using 7-Zip tool.

This tool is a very useful tool that is loaded with tons of features. Most of the time you may get an error where it says, an event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers. In that case, just click on the Ok option for removing the entry context menu.

And if you are no longer receiving this message that means CRC-SHC entry is already deleted in the context menu.


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