Xiaomi MI phone manager is a windows pc application which allows you to manage your Xiaomi Redimi 1S or Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi Note (4G) Android smart phone easily. The previous Xiaomi MI phone manager application was available in Chinese language and this was the big problem for those users who don’t know Chinese language. But don’t worry Good news for all the Xiaomi mobile and tablet users, now the official English Mi Phone Manager is available for the download. Now the company official released the new version of the Xiaomi phone manager. Mi has released the English version of their PC suite, a desktop application that enables comprehensive control of your Xiaomi phone.

This suite lets you access and manage various aspects of your Mi phone, including installed apps, photos, videos, notes, music, messages and contacts. It is only available only for Windows Operating System. With the help of this free Xiaomi MI phone manager you can backup the smart phone on pc, move file from pc to mobile, share 3G internet connection, restoring, install and uninstall any apps and many more.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Download and install official English Mi PC Suite[/su_heading]

  • For downloading Mi PC suit on your pc you first to register in their official websites. So, visit this MI page and register your account to download the MiPhone Manager.
  • After creating the account, it time to download Mi PC suit on your pc. So, now visit here and download the Official English Mi PC Suite.
  • Now install the Official English Mi PC Suite on pc or laptop. After the complete of installation connect your phone to the PC with USB cable or Bluetooth (If your pc is already connected with a Bluetooth Device).
  • After connecting pc suit with your Xiaomi Device you will able to see the below home screen.

  • To customize your mi device click on My device.

That’s it; now customize your Xiaomi Smartphone with the help of Official English Mi PC Suite. Now with the help of this app you can easily manage your phone like manage contacts and SMSs, uninstall and upgrade apps, create notes from within the app that can subsequently be accessed on the device and even upload and play music and video files.

It’s the kind of app you may not need to use on a daily basis, but it’s something that is useful at those instances when you need to uninstall many apps, or get rid of tons of photos or videos that have accumulated on your device.

Another feature is screen casting, where you can replicate your phone’s screen on your PC. It is useful when you want to display your phone’s content on a desktop or laptop monitor.

If you happen to own a Mi phone, this is a useful app to add to your arsenal of tools. So, install the Mi PC Suite on your pc or laptop and enjoy. If face any problem then leave a comment.


  1. I downloaded and installed the MI Suit but do no see any option to connect Mi4i to the Mi PC Suit using Bluetooth. It only shows cable connection. Also I am unable to add the mobile phone to Bluetooth devices. Though the devise is discoverable and discovered by Nokia Suit, I cannot add the device to paired devices on the computer (I see the computer paired on Mi4i).

  2. when i connect my redmi 2 to mi pc, mi pc suit say couldn’t install, why??
    btw i already using MIUI V6.6.6.0

  3. you need to update your device to use Mi PC suite update your device before connecting but my MIUI up to date witch is how to solve this problem? please help me.

    • you need to update your device to use Mi PC suite update your device before connecting but my MIUI up to date witch is how to solve this problem? please help me.

      after update this message shown. since 6 month pc suit uodated and till not avalable


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