Dragon Dictate for Mac better recognizes your voice commands

Gone are the days when there was only one input medium i.e. keyboard, to give any instructions to the computers. Then we saw a major boom in 80s when Apple brought the ‘mouse’ into limelight which truly revolutionized the tech world. The era of invention didn’t end there; Apple became the pioneer again with the launch of its new generation smart phones which had the ability to accept the instructions with only a touch of your finger. Now If you’re smart enough and following the footsteps of tech revolution, then you must know where the technology is taking us to , and what would be the next input medium through which we will interact with our devices/computers.

So, if you haven’t got any idea yet, let us tell you that ‘speech/voice recognition’ and ‘personal assistants’ are the technologies that will open the door of future for us.

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