How to increase IDM Trail period (Update): All in all, Internet Download Manager is one of the best download manager for downloading any kind of files from internet. This is my most favorite download manager. Internet Download Manager can help you accelerate your download speed. It works by creating various threats so that multiple sections (up to 16) of the same file can be downloaded at the same time. In this download manager software capable a tool like pause and resume which help to download any file and if you want download the file later you can pause it and start it later. And the most part of this internet download manager is integrates with most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Chrome and many more.

And also the program can successfully strip video URLs to download clips from web sites. The program also includes a tool, called Site Grabber, which can download a complete site. Another feature lets you schedule download hours so that the program can automatically start or pause. IDM is available online for free but only for 30 days or trial period. If you are searching for how to increase IDM trial period then you landed at the right place. After expired of 30days trial version many people try to install it again using a fake serial number but this trick never work, you get error such as “your IDM has been registered through fake number or the serial number has been blocked, IDM exiting”. We are going to tell you about how to increase IDM trial period for that read this article. Read briefly about “How To Increase IDM Trial Period”.

How To Increase IDM Trial Period or how to extend/reset trial period of IDM

How to increase IDM trial period or using IDM beyond its trial period is not a difficult task. You have to manipulate some of its settings or code. We are providing two solutions you can opt any one which suits you.

  • Download the 30-day trial version of IDM.
  • When the time is over, IDM will prompt you that Internet Download Manager has not been registered for 30 days, Trial period is over and IDM existing…
  • You have to enter your registration information of it to continue using it.
  • Now your task is to reset IDM trial period. You have to quit any IDM Application, press Win+R to launch run, type regedit and click on OK to run Registry Editor.

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  • In Registry Directory your work is to navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesCLSID{07999AC3-058B-40BF-984F-69EB1E554CA7} and then right click on it and delete it.
  • Or go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware/Download Manager, and delete the complete Manager folder.
  • Now uninstall the IDM and restart you pc or laptop.
  • The result is that the trial period of your IDM has been reset. Now you would not see error on desktop regarding IDM and use it again for 30 days.

Internet download manager with patch and keygen

Everyday we have need to download free software, movie, novel, audio song etc from web. But at the time of downloading if internet connection are disconnected the downloading file shows message to error download. After connecting net the file start to download again from begin. But using IDM we can solve this problem. IDM means internet download manager which is the best popular software for downloading any file. At first download the Internet download manger. To download it

Click Here

  • Now install it as simple software.
  • After installing open Patch File. It will show a new window.
  • In the new window you can see a Patch option.
  • Now click on Patch and give nay name such as Techtricksforum next click ok again put another name like Forum then click ok.

  • It’s finished.


I hope, now you can reset IDM trial period. Theses process is the best process for extend or increase IDM 30days trial period. Hope you liked this article “How To Increase IDM Trial Period” if you face any problem then comment it below.

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  1. HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesCLSID{07999AC3-058B-40BF-984F-69EB1E554CA7} is not there in my machine but still I am getting error as :

    Internet Download Manager
    Internet Download Manager has not been registered for 30 days. Trial period is over and IDM is exiting…

    Please note that according to IDM license that you have accepted during IDM installation, now you should either uninstall IDM or purchase it


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