Facebook and its naked people

Facebook is a mess. An awful mess. Everyday this week I’ve logged into Facebook and I’ve been welcomed by someone naked, usually a women, usually attractive, in the case of today; a women aged 80+. Completely naked. It’s not too good.

Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet. We all deny it, but we’re all addicted. We love it. Again, we’ll all deny it and usually hit Twitter to complain about how it’s “crap” or “boring”, yet we still login – and daily, in some cases, hourly, in further cases, every 10 minutes.

What’s happening? Why is Facebook such a complete and utter screw-up?

The ‘share’ button.

Added to the fact that Facebook thought it would be a great idea to implement a feature in which a friend can ‘like’ or comment on a picture, and it will place itself on your timeline.

For that – thank you, Facebook.

Something else I can’t quite workout. Facebook are more than aware of what is going on. It’s being covered by the biggest media institutions on the planet, nothing has been done.

I can’t imagine anyone who genuinely appreciates being welcomed to what they are welcomed too.

It’s the internet. If you want porn, or some form of nude picture – it’s not difficult to access. Use Google.

Again – what adds to further confusion – I can’t see what Facebook gain from this. It’s bad press. And to be honest; I’m gradually using Facebook less-and-less.

I tweeted earlier: “I only use Facebook to manage pages. If there was a time I could delete my own and manage a page – I’d do that.” and I stick to what I said.

I barely upload a photo, at best I’ll publish a status once a week, usually once a fortnight. I’ll post on a wall twice a month – at a push and possibly use Facebook chat maximum – twice a week.

Facebook, what is happening. Please, please, please work it out.

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