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FacebookFacebook users this morning are waking up to a pleasant surprise – Facebook Messages. Hundreds of people who I’m friends with have already been invited to the update, allowing them to have [email protected] as an email address. Let’s see if this changes email for good – Mark Zuckerberg claims it’s not a game changer, I think it is. Staff members who would have recently had email addresses ending in @facebook.com will now have @fb.com after Facebook spent $8.4 million on the thing. A huge investment for something they claim is a simple added feature.

So, what are the features of the newly revamped Facebook Messages:

Faster interaction: If you want, you can send messages just by hitting your Enter key, so the new Messages is as fast (and as informal) as an in-person conversation.
Integrated communication: No matter what you’re using to communicate (Facebook, mobile or email), your conversation streams quickly and seamlessly into one place.
Smart filtering: You’ll always see what’s important to you first – messages from the people you’re close to take precedence over mailing lists.
Revamped search: Search for either the person you were talking with or what you were talking about to quickly find your message and all the related context.
Adding people to group conversations: Loop new people into the conversation, giving them full access to everything that’s been said so far.
Forwarding: Pass individual messages along to other friends.
Unsubscribing, or removing yourself from a conversation: Leave a group conversation when you no longer wish to receive new messages.
Sending attachments: In addition to sending links, photos and videos, you can now attach external files to your messages.
All of the above features are what you’d expect to find in an email client, I still can’t understand how Zuckerberg claims it’s not remotely an email killer.

When invited you’ll see a graphic which looks like this:

Facebook Messages

Roll out has been going on for a while and it seems to have the island of the UK, unlucky for me, I am yet to receive an invite.

The main intention of Facebook? To keep you on their superpower of a social network, longer than you already are. Everything unified, you have absolutely no reason to leave Facebook, everyone is under one roof – genius.

[IMG Source: @LewisKing]

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Kushal Ashok
facebook is awesome. The addiction can be guessed from the fact that you are getting more fb likes than the normal likes! lol 😀

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Facebook is awesome! You’re totally right, Facebook is awesome for everything! You should become a fan on our page! http://www.facebook.com/techleash

can i get an invite


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