Have you ever faced any issues with your iPhone or iPad not charging? This issue might have given you an experienced of almost a mild heart attack right. Yes, anyone using iPhone or iPad which are one of the most costly devices will get panic as they encounter with Not Charging issue. Do not panic and be calm as there is an alternate solution to this issue. In this post, I am going to share some important and useful tips for your iPhone/iPad not charging: And if you are searching how to fix the issue, here is how you can refer to tips whenever you faced the issue. Continue to read the whole article and get the useful tips to fix the issue.


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Tips for iPhone/iPad Not Charging:

Here are the various methods to fix your iPhone or iPad not charging issue. Follow these easy methods as mentioned below.

1: You Can Force Restart You iPhone/iPad

Well, if anytime you come across that your iPhone or iPad is not charging when you plug in the adapter, then the first you need to do is to force restart your iPhone or iPad. It happens that, if you restart or reboot your Windows, all the unnecessary caches will drain out which simply keeps your storage system full and slows down the system to run. You can go through the easy process to force restart –

  • Firstly, you need to press and hold down on the sleep or wake button of your device.
  • As you continue to press and hold the sleep or wake button of your device, at the same time you also need to press and hold on your Home button or the Volume button.
  • Holding down sleep or wake button along with Home or Volume button will let your device screen to turn off and doing the same process will turn on your device. Continue to press until you see the Apple logo.

2: The Apple users can also Switch Ports or Outlets to fix the Issue of Not Charging:

Sometimes, switching to outlets or ports for charging your Apple device, it might sometime does not work. The issue may be the electrical problems both on Computer or wall. So, if you ever come across this issue while you charge your Apple device, you can try out some other ports or outlets to charge. If your iPhone or iPad starts charging then it is well and good but if it still does not charge then you can go through the below other useful tips.

 3: If you still can’t charge your iPhone or iPad then you can Switch Cables

As mention earlier that using outlets or ports for charging your iPhone or iPad sometimes does not work, in the same way, cables also sometime may not work. You can still try out this method of charging your device with a cable. If the cable works then you are lucky. Just keep it for charge atleast for half an hour. But if your device still not charging then you it is probable that your charging port is damaged and you will need to take it for servicing.

4: The other method you can use if your iPhone or iPad not charging then you can restore in iTunes

This method of restoring in iTunes is a bit tough but you can try it out if the above methods does not work for you. Restoring your iPhone or iPad are much safer than that of iCloud as it helps to re-install, reloads and offloads your device data. You can also use encrypted data backup which will restore not only your data but also restores your passwords and your device will run faster. The steps to restore in iTunes are below.

  • Firstly, you must connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes to your Windows PC or Mac through 30-Pin Dock Connector or Lightning.
  • Once you connect, on your left at the top, just click on the button Device.
  • After that, you need to choose Backup options.
  • While iTunes is backing up your data you will have to wait for a while until the backup process is completed.
  • Once the backup process is done, click on the restore options. Wait for a while the restoration is one the process.

5: If the above four methods does not work for you can Contact Apple Care

Here is another method you can try if your iPhone or iPad is not charging by contacting to Apple Care. The problem is not with cable or ports or outlets which may sometime occur an electrical issue. The problem can also be with your device battery. So, if have an Apple Care, then just hurry to get the problem solved or fix for your iPhone or iPad not charging issues.

In case, you don’t have Apple Store near you still you can get the issue fixed by calling the Apple care number at 1-800-My-Apple that will help you repair your problems via mail. Although, it might cost you a bit for calling an Apple care it is worth calling and getting your iPhone or iPad not charging issue.


So, these are the easy steps for your iPhone or iPad not charging: how to fix the issue to follow if anytime you face this problem. You can follow anyone of the above methods or all if one method does not work for you. Therefore, if you are an iPhone or iPad user and you have faced not charge issue or is facing the Not Charging issue then these tips will help you solve the problem. Hope you have found this tips useful and resolve your iPhone, iPad, and iPod not charging easily.


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