In today’s article we are going to discuss on How to Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped?

This is an error that is usually faced by the Android users while using Google Play Store. This issue has been witnessed many times into an Android version of 5.0 and higher than that.

When you are on the middle of downloading apps when the Google play services stops working then it is the most embracing moment ever.


Google Play Services is simply not an app but an important background service manager, that every Android user cannot deny using, as it plays an important role to maintain the apps and Google services. In simple words, Google Play Store is a background services and API package for every Smartphone that runs on Android operating system.

The services of the Google play store works wonderfully as it gives an access to the user to grant the permission to start using the Google Services. But when you start getting unfortunately Google play store has stopped fix, then what do you do? How do you fix the errors while using the play store? There is nothing to worry about such errors that occur.

We have come up with the best solution that can fix all the issues like Google Play Services has stopped. Check on the following steps to learn to fix Google Play error. We also hope that these steps will help you to get rid of your problems.

5 Different methods to fix unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped:

A number of reasons are available for the “Google play services has stopped” error. We found several methods to fix this error and let’s see which one fits for your Android phone and tablet.

Here i want to tell you that before going below complicated steps, just follow this basic things, turn your Android phone off and then on again. In 50% cases this common method work very well. If you already do this then follow the below steps.


Method 1: Clear the caches on your Android

Google Play has a link with all the apps that comes as pre-installed or installed apps. When the Play services stopped working on your Android device, then you better try wiping the cache from your phone. To clear the cache on your Android phone, here are the simple instructions that you need to follow.

How to clear the caches on Android

  • At first open up the settings on your phone, scroll down and tap Applications manager.
  • Tap on the Google Play Services now and then tap to force stop
  • Now choose the clear data options. Now the process is complete.
  • Now you will need to restart your device once and then check out whether the problem is solved or not.

Method 2: Delete & re-install Google Play

Sometime by uninstall and again reinstall process work very well. But here you need to follow some steps:

  • At first Deactivate Android Device Manager. If you dont have any idea how to do that, then here is the way: Go to Settings> Select Security >Device administrators >Deactivate Device Manager
  • Now uninstall Google Play services update. To doing that follow the way: Settings >Application Manager > All >Google Play services >Select Uninstall Updates
  • Now reinstall it.
  • Now active Android device manager. Here is the way: Settings >Select Security > Device administrators > ACTIVATE Device Manager.
  • Now restart your device.

I am 70% sure that by following this steps you will be able to get rid of this problem. If not then go for next steps.

Method 3: Fix Google Play has stopped services by resetting the App Preferences

In this section, you will learn the steps to fix Google Play Services by resetting the App preferences on your phone.

It is one of the most effective methods to solve the Google services problem on your phone.

Here you simply have to apply the reset app preferences, which will help you to reset all of your preferences to disable the apps. It will also reset the block app notification, the background data restriction app and default apps too.

The fix process is very simple and easy to follow, and you just have follow the below provided steps:

  • open settings and scroll down to apps and choose the option all apps.
  • Tap on option button which lies on the topmost portion on the left of your screen.
  • Choose the reset App preferences by tapping on the reset button.
  • Wait for a while and then restart your photo to fix this problem.

Method 4: Solve the Google play services stopped by clearing data

There can be many reason behind Google play services has stopped working on your phone. It could be due to the mixing up of the data caused by the multiprocessing in your Google Play Services. One must try clearing all the data to fix the errors.

How To do that?

  • visit settings on your phone, scroll down the page and tap to open the application manager.
  • Select Google Play to open it.
  • Into the next page you will get an option where it mentions clear data, Click it.
  • Now reboot your phone to check the problem is fixed.

Method 5: Add and Remove Google Account Again to fix error of Google Play Services

If the Google Play Services stopped working the time to remove and then re-add it once more.

To do that,

  • First off, go to settings and open Accounts and sync option.
  • Select the existing Google Account and tap on remove account option.
  • Go back and then you will find an option add account select, it and then add your existing account on add a Google Account.
  • By this time the Google Play Services has stopped working problem must have got fixed.

Method 6: Fix Google Play Services error by updating to its Latest Version

The reason behind the Google Play Services not working is may be due to its out of date version. To fix the problem you must update it with the latest version.

There are many options to update the file of Google Play services like you can go for auto-update. One can also simply download the latest version of APK file of Google Play Store by a simple click on this link.

After you finish downloading the APK sees the problem is solved or not, you could be facing a situation where installation of APK may be rejected by your device.


After reading the article till the end, by now you must have figured out the best solution on how to fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped.

We hope that all of the above mentioned methods work out for you and fix the errors that you have been facing all this time. Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped fix is sometimes caused due to no proper internet connection. You better check out your internet connection and get rid of the problems. Sometime simply rebooting your Android device and resetting factory will simply solve the Google Play Services has stopped errors.

We are sure that by now you have solve out the unfortunately stop services of Google Play Services on your phone. The errors of Google Play services is just a minor issues, that can be solved easily with some of these provided effective methods.


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