Google Adsense Alternatives: Another problem that mostly bloggers face is the disability of Google Adsense because of many reasons like Adsense account got ban or earning less with Adsense etc.

In this post I am introducing, seven best alternatives of Google Adsense to start up for your website or blog. Definitely Google is best choice for bloggers to earn money but somehow you may require other alternatives of Google Adsense for getting more income instead of Adsense or while using Adsense too.


To solve your problem, I tried to make it easier for you by introducing these Google adsense alternatives in this post that will better guide you to double your income.

Google Adsense Alternatives


This ad network provides fast and direct access to publishers for selling ads. It is a great platform and it does not require heavy traffic for approval, 1000 impressions for a day are acceptable. Its offering in the least level is $50 and you can get this through PayPal or Wire Transfer.


I am introducing this at first because I really impressed with it. It’s a best alternative because it is a contextual and Cost per Click ad network like Adsense and displays most related ads for website. It provides another great option to change its ad look according to your website background color.


Infolinks is the most widely used advertising network even it is not contextual ad network but due to its variety of options for ads, it is one of the best Adsense alternative for bloggers to double your earning. Infolinks provides variety of advertising types like Insearch, Intext, Intag etc and also offers various advertising mechanisms to follow. It is best for text advertising. Its terms and conditions are simple rather than Google Adsense. Different styles for ads are available in Infolinks.

Media.Net: is similar to Adsense as it is also a contextual ad network and mostly features available are like Adsense, run by Yahoo and Bing. If you have quality content and good traffic then you are ready to get approval.


CPM ads stand for “Cost per 1000 impressions”. Advertisers pay revenue to publishers whenever their ad is displayed and viewed by a visitor and they set desired price of 1000 ads and pay whenever it is served.

This ad network is popular for CPM. Its terms are strict and need high quality content with great traffic for approval and will pay high for each impression on your website after approval.


This is a good alternative of Adsense. When you request for approval, it automatically takes your website or blog stats like it garantees automatic media buying that scales, PR, Yahoo inbound links and it requires high traffic to be on your blog for approval. Its terms are also high. It keeps publishers at one single platform.

After getting BuysellAd approval, you can set your blog for advertisers to display ads on your site in simple way.


SuperLink ad network has variety of types of ads like Footer Ads, Super Footer, Super Display Ads, Tower Ad, etc and it is also a good competitor of Adsense. SuperLinks offers opportunity to even those bloggers that are banned by Adsense and its payments starts from $100 and you can get this pay through PayPal, Pa. For SuperLink approval, you are required 100k traffic on your blog or website. It is a good option to monetize and easy to start up.

Final Words

These are the most widely used and best Google adsense alternatives. You can select and start work with one or two alternatives if you are not using Google Adsense in any case of disabling. Don’t worry, these alternatives are good competitors of Adsense and are best to double your earning.

I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this best Google adsense alternatives article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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