Google Music Store Screenshots Appear, The Launch Could be Near

Google fans have been waiting for a true Google Music store all year long. Since Google released its Music cloud service, last May, users were surprised to see there was actually no music available. Analysts commented at the time, and some still do, that Google expected users to fill the storage with their own music files and to share among themselves, since the company didn’t manage to reach to an agreement with the important labels from the industry.

However, the situation might change in the near future, according to recent reports. The Wall Street Journal, quoting top officials from the music industry, suggests that Google might launch a true Music Store this month. Furthermore, the service is said to integrate Google+, the two Google products supporting each other to ride a rising trend. For instance, users will be able to recommend to their friends from Circles songs stored in their online library.

Google Music Store Leak

The contacts will have to listen the recommended songs for free. Just once though, then they will be directed to the store for the purchase. Rumors say that the medium price for a song will be about $0.99 each.

According to a report published on CNET, Google would announce the opening of its Music Sore in a press conference, on November 16. An additional story hints that, at the event, Sony and Warner officials will not be present, even though negotiations are expected to be reaching a positive conclusion.

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