Google: New Search Results Layout And Design

Before you get all excited, the changes aren’t that dramatic, yet, they are noticeable.

Some users Google search pages are beginning to look a little different. The new page reportedly looks cleaner with more white space, the colours are greener, with the underlinings on each search result mysteriously disappearing.

Now most people don’t like change, as it takes some getting used to. YouTube often has this problem when they decide to change things every once in a while, however, it’s been a while since Google had a total revamp. They’ve always stuck with the white background and blue links, no original design at all — apart from their well designed and themed logo’s.

The weirdest thing about this new look is that it actually gives you much less information on the screen. Which means more scrolling, and more time clicking the “Next” link.

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“We knew Google was really interested in white space — just not this much.”

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