Now in the era of technology mostly people use internet on their phones and many of them have android devices. We need to access internet most of the time in whichever field or sector you are working in. Internet is used by student to get more information on different topic, for business purpose to get the latest detail of the market and many more. It’s really frustrating when your webpage do not load when you need it.


Your internet speed is determined by your Internet Service Provider and we cannot change that, but there are many other factors that may affect how your device takes advantage of this speed. Here are 5 Android apps that can help boost or increase internet speed to tolerable levels. So take a look.

5 Android Apps to Increase Internet Speed

Internet Booster & Optimizer

For increase internet speed, Internet Booster & Optimizer is one of the best app for android. This app is intended to enhance your internet browsing experience. It has a best atomization power that will increase internet speed and put your browser in the top of priority on your android system making sure you get the most out of your ISP internet speed and device resources for a smooth browsing experience. This app increase internet speed by Pausing secondary processes, cleaning RAM memory, cleaning cache memory and flushing DNS are some of these tasks.

[appbox googleplay id=us.ab.internetbooster.optimizator]

3G Speed Booster

3G Speed Booster is a small sized app that helps you get more speed from your 3G. This application speed up your 3G internet to faster 2x. You often use the 3G network, you have to use the highest package but still not satisfied with the speed of the network. There are some background apps that consume Internet bandwidth excessively. Let the app “3G Speed Booster” to help you speed up your 3G internet effectively. It will detect, scan all background applications that use your internet. Then it will disable all background applications that use your internet and increase internet speed. [Get it here apk]

Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G

Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G is another best internet speed increase app for android. It may increase Internet speed from 30% to 40%. Internet Booster Increase Strength of your data packets and give you a fast internet speed like 3G & 4G. It also Internet Booster improves Signal stability for high speed internet. This app works for both rooted and non-rooted Android phones. [Get it here apk]

Free Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster free is the best tool to increase Internet speed. This app can increase Internet speed by 40-80% based on the device. This will increase the ping speed and best if you play multiplayer games. It Cleans the DNS cache and improves the latency. It also Stops unwanted background tasks and increase the available bandwidth. This app Adjusts average parallel connections to optimize the speed. This app perfectly works with all Android phones and tablets. This does not require ROOT to run.

[appbox googleplay id=com.mandy.internetspeedboosterfree]

Internet speed booster

Internet speed booster is an amazing app for increase internet speed on android. It uses a unique algorithm that can increase Internet Speed of your Android device with a single tap of your finger. Internet booster fast detects your mobile device if it has a root function or not and gives it the boost of its life. Internet Speed Booster app is designed in a way that has it working impeccably with rooted as well as non-rooted Android devices. So install this internet speed booster for android and boost internet connection right now for FREE.

[appbox googleplay id=com.mandy.internetspeedboosterfree&hl=en]


So these are some best free app for increase internet speed. Also you can get lots of increase internet speed apps on internet, Google play store. But we are collected Top 5 free increase internet speed app for android. If you have any other best app for increase internet speed on android then share with us we also publish it.


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