iPad 2 To Be Priced “around £250″ In The UK?

According to a recent article posted by Daily Star, a UK newspaper publisher who has not always been a strong source of information, the iPad 2′s pricing in the UK is set to begin at “around £250″. The price that Daily Star is claiming would be a very strange move for Apple to make, with them already announced the US prices to stay the same. The base iPad 2 model (16GB, WiFi only) will cost $499 in the States, which does not include sales tax, and when converted to GBP it is just shy of £310, and with the UK’s VAT of 20% added, it bumps it to about £370 – a substancial difference of £120 less, if Daily Star is to be believed.

Since the introduction of the iPad 2, Apple has made the first-generation iPad much cheaper through its own retail stores, as well as through its resellers – making the base model cost only £329. Since the original iPad’s launch, Apple was highly criticised for overpricing it in the UK, giving it one of the highest price-points across the world.

If Apple are planning to reduce the iPad’s cost in the UK, I could see the base model being reduced to £350 if anything, which could be what Daily Star had originally planned for their article, but a typo may have slipped their editors. We have contacted the newspaper asking about their reported price but have yet to receive a response. We will update this post if we get any more information.

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