iSlice: The New DoodleJump

When I first heard about DoodleJump, I bought it and became instantly addicted, I’ve spent around 6 hours playing overall. That’s bad. Just in case you don’t know what DoodleJump is – it’s an iPhone/iPod gaming app.

Yesterday I was introduced to iSlice – it is by far the new DoodleJump, it’s awesome, just as simple too.

Simply slice chunks off the shapes in game by swiping your finger from one side of the shape to the other until the sliceometer passes the target rope.

Be sure to avoid the balls which are bouncing frantically inside the shape in order to pass a level.

It’s overall a game worth buying, currently the app has only 20 levels, we expect more will be coming soon. iSlice is the creation of Josh Buckley (MinoMonsters), Lachy Groom (iPadCaseFinder) and Ed Nash (Fit or Fugly).

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