It’s official, Facebook for iPad is now available

It’s been months in the waiting, Facebook have just launched its official iPad App. It is now available in the iOS App Store.

Similar, if not identical to the leaked version back in July, the App has been eagerly anticipated since the launch of the iPad.

The App is very much photo-centric; when browsing photos, they take up the entire iPad’s screen. Users can then continue to use regular iDevice finger movement, that is you can pinch to zoom in on each photo. Like on iOS, you simply swipe left or right for photo album browsing.

Though the App is entirely focused on photo, new features include users being able to play Facebook games in full-screen, something which wasn’t anticipated, or expected. Zynga and EA are expected to support the new Facebook Credits.

And this goes without saying, regular features such as notifications, chat, status updates, search, groups, messages and settings are all available on a features bar placed on the left of the App.

As much as the App focuses on photo, video isn’t left behind, the official App from Facebook will support HD video and Airplay.

With absolutely no build up to the release, a simple public release — something not really expected from Facebook, no conference, no press event. Just a release.

I guess it’s safe to say it was worth the wait, with what I would assume, many 3rd party App developers about to suffer. To those — good luck.

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