Lewis King, Live Streaming Hair Shaving For Charity

In July 2010 Lewis King and 21 other students will be jetting off for a 28 day trip to Ghana to build the beginnings of a sustainable relationship between us. While out there we will be improving school facilities and teaching the students new and exciting things. To get Lewis King out there he needs to raise the grand total of £3,455 ($5,270) and the only way he can do this is by events such as shaving his head.

The company Lewis is going with is World Challenge, and the Sabre Trust in Ghana is the guys Lewis is partnering with to make sure the project goes a head, they have a comprehensive view on the surrounding area, being there for 10+ years. While out in Ghana, Lewis and 21 other students will be building a village school a new water harvesting plant, a new playground and informing the children of the dangers of Malaria.

Any donation is really appreciated, and if you can’t not a problem, still watch live on Thursday 6th May at 8PM GMT here on TechLeash or on Ustream.

If you can donate, please visit http://shave.lewisking.net, the instructions are there, thank you.

Be sure to check back here for the live stream on Thursday 6th May, 8PM GMT.

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