LinkedIn Updates: a Better Planner for Professional Events

The social media players sharpen their weapons recently in the war to get more users. After Google+ Page service was released just a few days ago targeting companies and brands, LinkedIn, the traditional social network dedicated to professionals, also announced a few intelligent updates to keep its users interested.

One of the updates is targeted at the Events service, released three years ago. Now, notifications about the events the users are interested in according to their career focal points, appear in the Network Update stream. The users’ Events home page will display a clever set of recommendations based on location, industry, network, and additional criteria.

These recommendations are meant to be more significant and relevant according to users’ interests. LinkedIn is more focused on bringing to attention the events organized by the users’ connections and the events attended by users’ connections or by people with similar profiles. A LinkedIn official declared the algorithm behind Events feature has been revised entirely and now is more “powerful and scalable.”

A new feature is “Attendees You May Want To Meet” which enables users to make more connections suggested by the network as they match the career interest. Also, “Similar Events” feature allows easy browsing in search for potential interesting and helpful events. If that doesn’t work, LinkedIn picked another ace from the sleeve: the search events functions now features additional filters and allows users to sort events by industry, location, and time.

According to LinkedIn internal data, only this year there were over a million RSVPs to hundreds of thousands of professional events.

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