Motorola and Google Merger Reached Final Stage, What’s Next?

At the Special Meeting of Stockholders on Thursday, 99% of Motorola Mobility shareholders voted in favour of the much discussed merger with Google. Sanjay Jha, chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility, declared, “We are pleased and gratified by the strong support we have received. We look forward to working with Google to realize the significant value this combination will bring to our stockholders and all the new opportunities it will provide our dedicated employees, customers, and partners.”

Motorola Mobility and Google entered in the final stage of the merger process three months ago, on August 15. Google’s intention to acquire Motorola for $40.00 per share in cash, or a total of approximately $12.5 billion received the definitive agreement. Although Motorola continues to work to ensure the transaction as rapidly as possible, the complete merger is scheduled in the early 2012, according to Motorola press release.

However, Motorola also hints that the deal is not over yet as the merger is subject to various closing conditions, and it is possible that the failure to meet at the appropriate time such conditions could delay or prevent the company from completing the merger.

The alliance between Google and Motorola Mobility provides a new force for Android ecosystem, which is already the most popular mobile platform among the US and UK users. Google acquired a set of valuable patents that the company hopes to bring a competitive advantage on a tough market and also to help in the legal disputes for patent infringement.

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