lets you publish Free webpages in seconds is another amazing, fast and quickest online content creation platform, which lets you create and publish webpage in just seconds. Literally seconds!

Launched by three guys in San Francisco as another start up, this new FREE service has already got attention of many in tech industry. Reportedly, 300,000 visitors are already surfing the site each day, whereas almost 40% traffic on this new platform is coming from China.

Unlike other publishing platforms and blog services, it doesn’t ask you to SIGN up and provide your details and credentials. Instead, what only it asks for is your “Page Name” and “Password”. Your chosen page name will make you then a sub-domain instantly just like I made the page-name with danishmughal and now I have another domain name

Danish Mughal Pen IO Blog

so I have now another online space to quickly add notes, quotes, recipes, tricks , language codes, or anything that comes my way and I find it useful and worthy. Whatever you save on your page will be visible to the world (If you show them off course) but only the account holder can edit it, with the password that you put while making the account.’s publishing platform has NO VISUAL or visible editor as of yet. It opens with a white blank page and it is designed this way intentionally to keep you away from distractions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add and save anything except the TEXT.

It lets you add Youtube Videos with a simple code, “:video youtubevideourl” and as soon as you click SAVE, it instantly becomes a video on the page.

Another great feature of is of adding images. You can upload and add your images with a simple drag and drop from your PC. (we heard the similar function is coming into the next version of WordPress).

So, if we call the rival of publishing platforms like WordPress, Posterous and tumblr , it won’t really be wrong. The founder of the service calls it however an anti-blog. He believes that it is neither a blog platform not a social network but it will encourage and attract those people who don’t feel comfortable with technicalities of blogging, WordPress, Tumblr and other similar services.

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